a standing o-vation; the speech from Oprah.


Anyone else still giddy with awe over incredible speech by Oprah? Not only was it magnificent to see her receive the Cecil B. DeMill award, but her address became a moment that is now cemented in the history books. Oprah spoke words so authoritative, so powerful which have now marked a new era. A period in history as momentous as Martin Luther King Jr’s speech. A moment as pivotal as the feminist movement of the 1960’s.

But such empowerment wasn’t exclusive to one individual.

No. Countless women and men showed their support by donning all black attire. By attending the award show accompanied with fellow women activists; spotlighting their causes in sexual harassment and equality. As did the NYTimes with their simple but commanding advert. All of this giving a voice and much needed platform to some serious concerns.

“the truth has a voice

It is not just this speech from Oprah that is making waves. To this day countless brave souls are speaking up about their ordeals with abuse of power and harassment. It is a shame that a hateful few continue to spew forth their propaganda and agenda. Attempting to peg Oprah and these courageous women as enablers and hypocrites. As opposed to true hypocrites who have the audacity to preach support yet remain silent over tales involving their own serial misogynistic experiences. And while the #metoo movement continues to grow daily, some influential women have gone and cast confusion to the subject. Blurring the lines between unsolicited advances and abuse with sexual revolution.

Rather than celebrating real enforceable change, people with zero comprehension on the matter use this to attack and belittle. Claim ridiculousness that such advances are complimentary to women. And write-off vocalisations of their displeasure with childlike rebuttals. Rather than proclaim such pearls of wisdom, like the speech from Oprah, the kind that are not articulated and revered as often as they should, they chose to detract instead. To point out other pivotal issues with the world and because of societies lack of conversation, like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, tear everyone and everything around them down.

Good or bad be damned.

I just wish that people would simply come together and see this for what it is. A step in the right direction. It may appear to be small, and your cause may not be directly involved, but this signals change. No matter what your skin colour, gender or sexual orientation, this signals real, tangible change on all fronts.

One day this will all come to a heed, but for now remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day.

“a new day is on the horizon. and when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a few magnificent women, many of whom are in this very room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure they become the leaders who take us to the time where nobody ever has to say me too again
// oprah

We are truly living in a time where change is imminent.

The kind of change that will hopefully mark the history books of our century. Something future generations can look back on and see us accomplish one great thing. Even if we also go down in history as the generation who turned a blind eye to global warming and simultaneously opted to destroy our planet further with warfare.

2017 marked the year where such atrocities in inequality and sexual assault were brought to light, and those (correction, most) who did wrong will finally pay their dues. We are already seeing small but powerful change across the globe. Like Australia finally legalising same sex marriage. And Iceland becoming the first country in the world to make it illegal to pay a women less than a man.

The truth does have a voice and let us hope that this year will be the year that marks such change. Let us hope that Oprah’s words become absolute reality. That 2018 will be the year no one will need to utter me too again.

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