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valentine's day

To be honest, I’ve never been partial to colour coding fashion and accessories with certain festivities. Like red and green for Christmas cheer. Or red which is also infamously associated to Valentine’s Day. However lately I’ve noted a change of heart and I no longer cringe at such connections.

Granted, this may be attributed to the fact that red has been surging in popularity.

While Valentine’s Day can be a rather controversial topic. From the utmost frivolity and materialism involved, to having part of the population excluded from such celebrations. (I for one am rather content to carouse alone and treat myself to one or two sales with Zaful Valentines Day 2018 edit on Singles Awareness Day.) I think if there were a holiday to truly splurge on, then this would be it. While it may not be rooted as such, this is a celebration solely marketed and exploited on flippant and disposable possessions as gestures of “love”. So why not turn the tables and truly invest in something that will be put to good use? I’ve curated a small Valentine’s Day gift guide for both her and him. Instead of gravitating towards the typical “heart you” palaver, opt for a present that really matters and shows much more thought. Especially in a day and age where consumerism is annihilating our planet and its resources. While it may not be as conventionally “cute” nor as memorable as a bit of bling, it’s guaranteed to be highly appreciated in the longterm.

valentine's day


Who doesn’t adore and appreciate skincare and beauty? In truth most beauty drawers are perpetually overflowing with products. From high rotation items like moisturisers or lip balms to forgotten empties and unfavourable products too. Regardless this remains one category that you’ll find most refusing to turn down. Even if said collection may be boarding on an unhealthy hoarding situation. With continuous improvements in formulas and new products launched every other day, this is truly lucrative in terms of gift giving. Especially during Valentine’s Day. Items like Urban Decay eye palettes which are popular around beauty bloggers and connoisseurs, and their range of colours within a single palette makes them very much ideal. Or for something different, mini scented soaps in equally resplendently decadent packaging like those by Claus Porto. And when it comes to skincare, one can never go past the creme de la creme; La Mer which is assured to make the receiver smile from ear to ear.

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This could be considered rather cliché, but honestly who does not welcome some delicate lace? Flimsy pieces that could be considered as stylish works of art. Pieces that give the wearer a sense of empowerment and a surge in femininity and sexiness. Not just considered for racy, behind closed doors and exclusive soirees, lingerie has made it’s stand on the fashion scene. With the rise of sheer blouses and the celebration of peek-a-boo moments, an elegant set makes for an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

It’s a win-win for both parties involved.

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Again, perhaps another familiar and obvious gift idea, but such things are that for evident reasons. Perfumes have a persona of ultimate and attainable luxury. From musky tones to fresh and fruity, unisex scents and iconic names, perfume is another guaranteed winner for Valentine’s Day. Luxe packaging and design on the out and a most alluring and exquisite liquid inner. This is something that is continuously reached for. And a design that makes the owner eager for all to note by proudly displaying in their bathroom vanities. An item that is collected and associated to various memorable moments. Valentine’s Day included.

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The language of love is undoubtably painted in shades of red. When it comes to lipstick, red is a hue that is downright universal and complimentary to any and every skin tone. For Valentine’s Day leave those drugstore favourites behind and opt for something more indulgent with brands like Tom Ford. Or with my personal favourite, Charlotte Tilbury, who knows how to make a killer shade accompanied with a luscious formula.

Of course this objet d’art by Christian Louboutin will be highly received also.

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valentine's day


Much like the above, scents are a highly favourable gift idea. While some men may be less appreciative of a well executed design, what counts is what is on the inside. A sumptuous scent laden in heavy earthy tones undoubtedly draws anyone in. Something which makes for a most alluring and memorable statement. Unsure on what to select? Try the best selling Dior Sauvage. Or opt for Chanel’s newest fragrance, Bleu de Chanel. Wood undertones commingling with crisp citrus. Mmmmm.

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Guys and their gizmos and gadgets. Like two peas in a pod, the two go together like no other. For Valentine’s Day why not invest in designer speakers? This will be one piece of tech you won’t mind having on display at home. Or for something a little more personal, try a smart watch. Set to become the new norm in timepieces, jump on the bandwagon with popular wellness brands like FitBit and their Blaze edition. Or for something more conservative and uber stylish, this Emporio Armani smart watch. With an opulent leather band and minimal face, this is one covertly discrete design. Or this Skagen modernised classic in metallic blue. For a more sporty edge try this Lacoste number. And if money is no object this Salvatore Ferragamo is the epitome of smart watch luxury.

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Not entirely the conventional route but when it comes to quality purchases there’s no denying the power of a great hat. A piece that is guaranteed to be used well and an item that will be highly appreciated. From minimal beanies to snapback, trilbies and fedoras the selections are endless and can be rather daunting. If you’re unsure on where to start snapback caps are perfect for the sporting aficionado. Like this cap, perfect for any New England Patriots fan, or this LA Lakers cap. For the more dapper gent this trilby is set to appease and steal hearts.

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valentine's day


While I believe the way to a male’s heart is through his stomach, so is through a great pair of sneakers. In terms of shoe forms, males have much less diversity than what females have, but that doesn’t mean design is dull. On the contrary. The design of sneakers have been rather eloquent and daring for some time now. Much like caps and beanies, the selections out there are incredible vast. From minimal whites famed by Common Projects to grungy street icons like Converse. Embellished and tricked out pieces by Christian Louboutin to preppy favourites by Ralph Lauren. There’s something for everyone, be it someone who prefers denim bottoms and bomber jackets to tailored pants and smart casual wear.

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