time to plan the next trip

plan the next trip
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With the New Year in full swing, all those resolutions made, decorations down, and life getting back to normal, it’s time to plan the next trip. It might be for the summer, or you might think about heading out for a romantic stay over Valentines for your next trip. It could be a girls vacation, a family trip, or just a solo travel. Whatever it is, use this month, the month where everyone is usually on holidays, to plan the next trip for exciting times for the year ahead.

To plan the next trip doesn’t have to take weeks, but it also isn’t something that just happens overnight. Even if you’re someone who travels frequently there is still a list of things that you need to go through – you just might get through it a lot quicker than someone who doesn’t travel often.


So where do you want to go on your next trip? There are some seriously amazing things to see in the world, from the new seven wonders of the world to hidden pools on remote islands. Do you want a city break with deep historical roots, plenty to see, and a great shopping district? Head to Rome. For a unique stay in an igloo with a once in a lifetime view of the Aurora Borealis then head to the Netherlands or Iceland. Go skiing in the Alps, climb Kilimanjaro, or visit the catacombs of Paris. Figure out what you want to do on your trip, and then you can weed out the places you don’t want to go, and then enjoy deciding which destination is for you.


Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to get the details sorted for your next trip. You can easily get flights, and your hotel booked through one website, but it can be worth shopping around to get the best price. There are so many options for accommodation so don’t think that you just have to settle for the same thing every time you go travelling. If you’re opting for a bit of luxury, then make your choice from some elite holiday homes. If you’re going to be travelling around, then perhaps look into hostels rather than hotels.


So the big details are sorted – now you can crack on with the little things. Now that you have booked things for later on in the year, you have plenty of time to make plenty of plans. Your first list should comprise of all the things that you want to do while you’re there. The second list should be of all the things that you need to take with you. You might have a decent amount of clothing already, but everyone loves taking at least a couple of new things on holiday. Plus, if you’re heading somewhere where will you need special clothing – like extreme temperatures, or if you’re planning on doing something like hiking or climbing, you will need to buy the right things.


And lastly, it’s time for the grown-up bit – how are you funding your travels for your next trip? Is it time to get saving, or are you going to work your way around the country? Make sure that you have factored in health insurance, extra baggage costs, food and drinks, and a little extra as an emergency cushion.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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