calm down sensitive skin so you never itch again

calm down sensitive skin
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Sensitive skin can be a pain to live with, both literally and metaphorically. Many people with sensitive skin regularly suffer from flakey, red, and itchy skin that can flare up at random. Thankfully, though, there are a few different things you can do to help calm down sensitive skin. So here are some great tips that can help you do just that.


If you do suffer from sensitive skin, you probably won’t be able to use most of the big-name brands and products that you will find in all the beauty stores. That’s because they won’t be produced with sensitive skin in mind, and will cause your skin to flare up. Ideally, you should always buy skin products from companies like Hope’s Relief that make products suitable for people with skin conditions, including eczema. It may take you a few goes to find the perfect product for your skin, but you will get there eventually.


Even if it doesn’t look all that sunny outside, you should still apply some sunscreen to exposed skin. Your skin will be sensitive to all kinds of external factors, and the sunlight will be one of them. In fact, it will probably pick up on sun rays that you can’t see with your own eyes. The sunscreen will also provide some moisture and protect the skin against heat, which can be particularly dangerous for sensitive skin.


To calm down sensitive skin you always need to be exceptionally gentle with your sensitive skin, and that means that you shouldn’t overuse any of your products. This is especially the case with cleansing products. Even ones that are aimed at sensitive skin could cause some irritation if used too often. It’s also a good idea to carefully watch the water that you use when washing your face. Try and stick to lukewarm water as hot water could cause some extra irritation.


Your diet will have a big effect on the condition of your skin, and you will find that if you eat a lot of sugary and fatty food, your skin could be quite prone to breakouts and flare ups. So, it’s a good idea to tweak your diet so that you are consuming lots of food that contain important nutrients for the skin. This includes fatty fish as it has very high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which the skin needs. Look out for food that contains high levels of vitamin E as well, such as avocados and walnuts.


It is super important to always patch test a new product whenever you buy it. This means that you just apply a small amount of it to a small patch of skin. That way, if your skin reacts badly to it, only a small area will be affected. If nothing happens to the patch, then you can start using the product as normal.

Once you’ve calmed down your skin with these tips, you won’t ever itch so much again.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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