chasing the sun in one daring move

If you live in a country with a rubbish climate, then we guarantee you’ll be thinking chasing the sun in one daring move all the time. That warmth you can feel on your bones that you most likely only get to feel on those glorious weeks of your holiday. But holiday’s don’t last forever, in fact, they’re over quicker than they started it would seem. So would you be prepared to chase the sun in a daring move abroad. A lot of people are sceptical of this because of leaving family, leaving a job and leaving the life they once knew. But there are so many more prospects abroad for you, and if you don’t go too far, it’ll only be a short flight away from your home country. You never know, this one leap of faith could take you to a better life, and more importantly better weather!

Have a read of the pros and cons we’ve got for you when chasing the sun in one daring move. 

chasing the sun in one daring move


The costs are one of the biggest factors that worry people. We all know how expensive moving to another town is, but moving to another country brings its own barrel of problems. But, if you prepare enough in advance, and look in the right places, you’ll be just fine. One of the main things we recommend you doing is looking a prospective prices of the houses in your chosen country. You need to know you’re 100% going to afford the move and that the living costs are going to be low enough for you to live comfortably. A lot of countries have a poor economy at the minute, so checking this out first is going to benefit you. The price of some houses in different countries is so much cheaper, and you can get so much more for your money. For example, the contrast between prices in the UK and the US is huge. You can get so much more for your money in the US. But this is no different to other countries. If you are thinking of moving from a country like the US, to say Spain, you can have so much more for your money because your house in your home country will sell for more than it would if it was in Spain.


This is definitely one of the hardest parts. Figuring out how to get all of your belongings from A to B is so stressful. Figuring out how to move you yourself is hard enough. You need to plan the move at the right time so it’s not busy, the flights are cheaper, and moving companies are offering the best deals. International removalists like Chess Moving are on hand to help you with all international moves. You want someone like this who is an expert in what they do. One of the most worrying things about moving your possessions abroad is the fact that they could get lost, broken, or have delays so they turn up late. It is such a common occurrence for this to happen, and when you’ve got so many other worries to focus on, you don’t want this happening to you. Try and move your most personal and prized possessions on the flight with you.


It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t tell you when chasing the sun in one daring move, the risks associated with moving abroad. The main one is actually homesickness. Even if you feel like you hate the country you’re in, nothing can prepare you for the feeling of being alone in a country you’ve never been to before, or might have only spent a week or two in on holiday. You’ll be leaving your family behind, and most likely elderly parents. Think hard about whether you’re making the move at the right time, and whether you’d rather be in your home country with them. There’s also the stress of not finding a job. Right after a move to another country, you need to know that you’re bringing in a stable income to support you and your family. It is best to find a job before you go, and make sure you have plenty of money to fall back on if you’re not lucky enough to get a job as soon as you get there. There’s also the risk that you just won’t settle in. You may find it very hard to make friends outside of work, and this can feel rather isolating. It becomes even harder if you’re moving to a different country that you aren’t familiar of the language. Try and learn the language if you are moving to somewhere who doesn’t what you do.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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