is it time you turned those loose ends into new beginnings

You’re probably already really familiar with the term “nobody likes a quitter.” We are often told this to try and keep us going during hard times. But is it really in our best interest to keep focusing on life challenged that won’t do us any good in the long run? There are various things that might actually be better if you give them up. For instance, leaving a stale relationship will leave you to be free again and could end with you finally finding the one. Quitting a boring or stressful job will help you move on with your career so that you can finally land the job of your dreams. You might even want to completely relocate your life if things aren’t really working out in your current town or city – rather than stick it out in suburbia, why not realize your dream of living out in the country?

But the big question is how you actually know when something becomes an end that needs to be turned into a new beginning. Here are some of the big signs that you should pick up on.


Every single couple argues from time to time, but if you find that you end up bickering or shouting at each other more than you ever have done, it might be time to end the relationship. Work can often be stressful, but there should be a limit to the stress. If you find that your current job is so stressful that it is causing you some health problems, it’s definetly time to move onto pastures new. Has your homelife become very stressful? Maybe you don’t feel safe in your home, for example. These are all examples of situation where the stress will be too much for you to live with all the time – it’s time to move onto new beginnings.


If you find yourself staying later and later at work each day, you should ask yourself why that is. If it’s because you have too much work to fit into your regular work hours, there is obviously something wrong with your workload. Are your supervisors unwilling to help you? If so, then move on. There might be a few other reasons why you are lingering in the office though. You need to ask yourself if it is because you are not too happy about going home? This is often the case when people are in a failing relationship and don’t want to spend time with their partner. But some people who live alone simply don’t want to return to a home to be in solitude all evening. No matter your reason for staying back late at work it should be a sign to reassess your life options and consider new beginnings.


If you find yourself looking at apartments for sale a lot more often than usual, it could be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Deep down, you might be wishing for new beginnings in a completely new town, and you might not realize this yet. If you do find yourself browsing apartments in other towns, why not take the plunge and start a new life in a totally new and exciting place?! Once you are all settled into your new place, you can start to build a brand new life for yourself, one that is free from any potential negativity!


Throughout life, we constantly need to learn new skills and nuggets of knowledge. This is what keeps life interesting and helps us develop into better and more knowledgeable people. However, if you find that your life learnings seem to come to an end, it could be a sign that you are currently bored with your life. Once we get bored, we become disengaged and disenchanted with our lives, and this leads to us giving up learning new things. If you think your learning has become stagnant, it’s definitely time for a new beginning.

As you can see, there are a few different signs that things in your life might not be quite how they should be, and that it is time to think about bringing some things to an end. But don’t be disheartened by this – at least all of those ends can be turned into brand new beginnings. And each one of those new beginnings could take you on some very exciting adventures. You can never be quite sure where you will end up, and that adds to the fun of life.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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