sandstorm rompersandstorm romper

If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t generally feature many summer ensembles. And while Australia is deep in the throes of the sunny sandstorm season, frankly, I am not a sunshine kind of girl. Sure I can appreciate blue skies and sunshiny days, but I am more about grey overcast light and arctic temperatures that call for layers upon layers. Because of this, when it comes penning out blog post ideas, summer sartorial wear aren’t the first that come to mind. And generally don’t quite excite me quite like outerwear does. The exception being travels in the warmer months, where such pieces do elicit excitement. Seemingly airy pieces and summer lustre make for resplendently editorial worthy shots when one is traipsing down the scenic route. Even sandstorm type locations are ideal. Destinations like Croatia call for slinky maxi dresses or Los Angeles where denim cut-offs go hand in hand for example.

That said, once I received this Zaful romper I found myself immediately anticipating possible locations for a shoot. The lightweight and textured fabric accompanied with a delicately romantic floral had me muttering “oh this romper would make for a fabulous feature”. Not only that but truly this is a piece that has been on high rotation. Not just for it’s delicate and gracefully bohemian print but for the sheer convenience of looking undeniably polished during those relentless heatwaves. To say I am besotted with the print above is an understatement. It also pairs well with my Cult Gaia. A piece which took months to acquire, and has seldom had much use.

This has to be the ultimate Shakespearean sartorial tragedy.

sandstorm rompersandstorm rompersandstorm romper sandstorm rompersandstorm romper

On a seperate note, romantic prints are also ideal for Valentine’s Day, hint, hint. If you’re in search of a deal (or just want to treat yourself) try Zaful Valentine’s Day sales for a special little number or two. But back to the topic at hand. When it comes to fashion during the warmer months, I personally find rompers to be highly ideal, especially when it’s scorching hot out. Quite simply, their ease and simplicity and the fact that such a piece is actually a complete outfit, truly makes this a summer champion. Especially if you’re anything like me and find your brain turns to mush at the slightest hint of warmth. Convenience is certainly key. Rompers also make for perfect travel companions. Especially when luggage space is of concern or you prefer to tour lightly. Just throw it on and you’re ready to explore. Rompers are a definitely a style you’ll want to acquire. More so than the humble dress because in my opinion, I find rompers to be slightly more polished and intriguing.

sandstorm romper

Floral romper c/o Zaful (more sizes here and here)   .   Missguided duster trench (similar here and here)   .   Mode Collective Sandstorm slides   .   Cult Gaia small Arc bag   .   Ray-Ban sunglasses   .   Reliquia Mary necklace (similar here)


Photos by Elizabeth Oro 


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