Scarlet Folklore

I’ve always admired bloggers and stylists who attempt to turn a dress up on its head. Not literally but most unconventionally by utilising a much loved design and recreating it for more or less practical means. Styling and converting such a piece into a skirt with the accompaniment of an oversized sweater for example. Or into a top; much like what I’ve created with this dress from Zaful. Something in which I opted to remodel to adapt for a slightly cooler day, all on a whim, but a success nonetheless.

To say I am besotted with the vibrant scarlet hue and paisley type print of this dress is an understatement. Festival vibes and bohemian bewitchment. That mix of contrasting reds and cyans in its florals make for an ideal accompaniment with my mules. This ever so bright folklore top has been the talk of town. Unique and fetching; people can’t help but feel compelled by its placid charm. Compliments left and right, intrigue over a unique print and appreciation for a modern take on folklore. One ever so fitting for a weekend at Woodstock. Or Coachella which is mere weeks away.

Off the shoulder dress (worn as a top) c/o Zaful   .   ASOS Ridley jeans   .   ASOS belt   .   Ray-Ban round sunglasses   .   Mode Collective Sandstorm Mules   .   Ellen & James bag



Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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