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summer holiday

Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer holiday. You have likely already spent a lot of time looking through holiday websites searching for that perfect destination.

There are different types of holidays you can go on. Whether you choose to book a villa through Villa World, stay in a holster or even travel a little rough in hostels. The important thing is to plan your summer holiday so that it goes the way you want…


One of the more annoying parts of going on a summer holiday is that you have to wake up at 2am to get to the airport in the morning. This can cause a lot of rushing around and can quite honestly be very stressful. To avoid this you can book a stay in a hotel which is either on site or close by the airport the night before. It means you will get a wake up call and you can get to the airport much easier than if you were coming straight from home. You will likely be able to get a couple of hours extra sleep too.


If you don’t end up booking a hotel which has parking the night before you go, you will need to start sorting out your travel. If you can get someone to give you a lift to the hotel, you will be able to book a taxi from the hotel in the morning. This will make your journey less stressful, especially because you won’t have to worry about your car being left at the hotel or the airport while you are on that summer holiday.


Once you’ve been on the plane and arrived in your destination country, how are you going to get to the hotel or villa where you are staying? Take some time to work out how you are going to get to your destination. Decide whether you will be hiring a car, taking a cab or simply using public transport when you get there. Do your research to make sure you know exactly where you need to go if you are deciding to use public transport, you don’t want to get lost.


The next thing you will need to do when planning your summer holiday is get out the money you want for the trip. This will involves trip to the bank or postal office to swap your currency for their currency. Make sure you do some research online first to see what the exchange rate is like so you know where to get the best deals. You will also want to look at the exchange rate to give you an idea of how much money you will need to give in.

When you are away the easiest way to pay for items without worrying about the exchange rate is by credit card. There are plenty of great credit cards you can use for travel and these will make things much easier for you.


Approximately a week before you set off to the airport for your summer holiday you will want to check in online to your flight. The reason behind doing this originally was to take the stress off people as they travelled, but in reality it hasn’t taken any stress off at all. Make sure that you time your check in right to bag the best seats you can. The last thing you want is to be all spread out in different seats in the plane.


Once you’ve sorted out the transport and you are counting down the days to your summer holiday, it will be time to start packing your clothes. The things that you pack will largely depend on where you are going, but in general it will have weight restrictions. Make sure you don’t go over the limit because you will be charged extra. As for what to pack, you will need to bring two extra pairs of underwear for every day you stay. Yo should only need one pair of jeans or shorts for a week stay. Try not to go crazy with the bikinis, keep things simple to avoid having to do a huge wash when you get home. Always remember to check the weather forecast and pack a coat if necessary


When you are making your way to the airport, the timing is everything. The way you manage your journey and the stress will all depend on how early you can leave for the airport. Ideally you will want to leave as early as you can to skip the queues and get through to the hold so you can go and get some breakfast without having to worry about all of the other bits you need to do.


The journey will really take hold as you step foot on the plane, and you will want to make sure you know how long the journey is so you can plan for entertainment. If it is a two hour flight you might not want to eat or drink, you can watch the inflight movies and enjoy a good book. For longer flights you may want to sleep on the plane, so having some earphones and an eye mask might help you to drift off for a few hours before you arrive.


Now that you are finally at your destination, you will need to try and make sure you are one of the first people to get off the plane. This will mean you can get to the front of the baggage queue, grab your things and set off for your perfect holiday. It is probably a good idea at this point to visit the bathroom before you leave the airport and grab a bottle of water to keep you going as you make your way to the hotel or villa where you will stay. You can now just sit back, relax and enjoy your summer holiday away.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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