rip it out + start again; major home renovations

major home renovations
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The great and annoying thing about a home is that there is always something to do. Once you have finished decorating the entire house, there will be something else waiting to be updated or in need of major home renovations. It’s a natural urge to want to nest, and for women that urge only increases. There are some areas of the house that you can’t completely renovate without some major planning and require you to spend a bit more on major home renovations, while almost starting from scratch. 


No matter which part of the house you’re undertaking renovations, any large scale changes to the home needs some preparation before you get started. If you’re having to rip out any appliances or do any major demolition, you are going to make one heck of a mess – an easy solution to this is to hire cheap skips for the duration of your renovation. You should also make sure that you have measured the room and ordered everything you need so that you don’t have a half destroyed kitchen for a week.


Speaking of the kitchen, renovations in the kitchen is never going to be a small task. You might just be working on replacing the appliances, or just the cabinets, or you might be going the whole way and doing everything. Dismantling your kitchen is actually an easier job than you might think, and can be done by you. But putting the new one into place is a whole other matter. If you get it wrong then you’re going to have a room of smashed crockery. The majority of places where you buy your new kitchen will offer an installation service, or you can look to hire a third party professional. When replacing an oven, you are going to need to let the professional take charge – particularly if you’re switching from a gas to an electric appliance. The most important thing to remember when moving appliances around, is to turn off the gas, water and electric as it applies to what you are doing.


The second room in the house that you’re more likely to need a mass renovation rather than a simple lick of paint, would be the bathroom. Removing and installing a bathroom can take just as long as renovating the kitchen, even though it’s likely to be a smaller space. This can be because you have chosen to install a walk in shower which will mean the room needs completely replumbing. In any rate, you need to let the professionals take over here. You might just be painting the walls, or even painting the tiles, which is an easy enough task for anyone, but retiling the place can be annoyingly tricky. Look at getting sheets of tiles instead of individual ones – they glue onto the wall and you just fill in the grout.


The only other part of the house that might mean a major renovation would be if you choose to demolish a wall. This adjustment can really open up you home and create a flowing, minimalist floor plan, but you should always get advice before going ahead with the sledgehammer. You don’t know if there are any major electrical lines or pipe in that wall, or whether it’s a supporting wall and integral to the structure. So always ask before you demolish.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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