3 worrying signs that your home has a pest problem

signs that suggest your home has a pest problem

It’s fair to say that no homeowner likes the idea of sharing their beloved home with pests. However, it’s also fair to say that household pests are a fact of life, and it’s incredibly unlikely that you will go through life without the occasional unwelcome visitor or pest problem.

One of the most important aspects of controlling a pest problem that choose to invade your home is quick identification. The longer an infestation is allowed to flourish untouched, the worse the problem becomes— and the more challenging it becomes to eradicate. By learning to spot the signs of pests as soon as possible, you can proactively deal with the issue and return your home to its preferable, liveable, unintruded-upon state.

Below are three key signs signs that your home has a pest problem.


There are a number of strange noises that can indicate a pest problem and infestation. Squeaking is a sign of mice, scrabbling sounds could be attributed to cockroaches, and a tapping sound in your walls a sign of termites. Sometimes these sounds can be quite loud and cause a significant amount of disturbance; some homeowners even believe their house is haunted as a result of such noises!

Essentially, if you hear any sounds that you can’t immediately identify the source of, then it’s time to call in a specialist for a rodent and termite inspection. It’s important to do this as soon as you identify the sound. Don’t wait for the pest problem problem to get worse before making the call, as it will just make eradication all the more complicated.


If you pull a bag of flour from the back of your cabinets and it has a hole in it, that’s not necessarily a sign of a pest problem. However, if you pull multiple food items out and find they also have holes, then it’s time to take action.

The most likely cause of these mysterious holes is mice or cockroaches, both of which can be potentially harmful to human health. While the occasional unexplained hole can be chalked up to bad packaging or poor storage, if the problem becomes chronic, it’s time to call in a specialist.


This problem applies specifically to rodent infestations. Mice and rats are creatures of habit in a very literal sense. When they are making their way through your home, they will tend to follow the same path each time. This continual usage of the same path can create greasy or black track marks, which are often quite obvious to the naked eye.

If you spot a mark on a floor or wall that can’t be explained by a known recent spillage, then there’s every chance a frequently-visitor rodent is the cause.


No homeowner wants to share their home with pests, so if you notice any of the above signs that your home has a pest problem, take action to remedy the pest problem. After all, you’re the mortgage payer, so it’s your decision on who gets to share the space with you, 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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