looking for an exotic travel destination? consider indonesia

When contemplating an exotic travel destination for your holiday, it’s unlikely that Indonesia was the first place that popped into your head. That is unless you’ve already been there. Indonesia is an island in South West Asia that’s tucked away neatly and is literally heaven on earth and the ultimate exotic travel destination. Want more information? Check out this handy guide which will give you not even half of the reasons that you should visit Indonesia and make the most of your travelling experience

exotic travel destination


If you’re the type of person that likes to truly experience the culture of the people when you’re travelling, then you can rest assured that you will get the full sha-bang in Indonesia. Not only can you encounter super relaxed people to chill out on the beach with and watch the crystal blue waves lap in, but you can experience an event that Indonesians like to celebrate called the Nyepi Festival. This takes place in the month of March and includes a whole day of complete silence. No traffic. No chatter. Just complete silence. Citizens don’t even allow light into their homes as they celebrate it, but the night before you can expect a large party with music, dancing and a lot of fun. So, as you can tell already, Indonesia won’t disappoint for those of you that love to truly experience different ways of life.


One thing that you most certainly won’t be disappointed in is how much the whole experience is going to cost you. Even costs like paying for the place you’re going to stay in will pleasantly surprise you. Check out the prices on this website for places to rent in Bogor, Indonesia – https://www.rumah.com/rumah-dijual/di-area-bogor-idjb05. You will be impressed by not just the price too. The quality and presentation is beyond your wildest imaginations, so you can expect luxury!

Another great thing about the prices in Indonesia is that you will find even eating out is very much affordable compared to many other places around the world. So you can look forward to enjoying the cuisine without having to worry about breaking the bank. Remember that the currency is Indonesian Rupiah and what may seem like a large number to be paying actually equates to just a few dollars each time.

The cost of travelling around the many islands of Indonesia isn’t going to break the bank either. You can look forward to a break away that’s fun packed and not have to worry about spending too much money. You really will be getting your money’s worth.


What makes this an exotic travel destination? There’s a volcano in Indonesia that has three summit crater lakes that are all different colours, so you can expect to have your breath taken away while gazing at the deep blue, green, and red lakes that surround the volcano. Just don’t forget to take your camera.

That’s not the only location in Indonesia that showcases different coloured lakes either. Take a trip to The National Park in Dieng Plateau where you can see the lakes changing colour before your very eyes from green to blue to crystal clear. Definitely something to add to the bucket list of things to see.


You’ve heard of white sandy beaches right? Well now you can experience the complete opposite and walk barefoot along black sandy beaches with peaceful waves lapping the shore and over your feet. Join in again with the culture on these beaches where you can find locals who like to enjoy some music, drinks and food right at the feet of nature. Imagine relaxing under a straw hut while watching the world go by and feeling the true meaning of relaxation. Sounds perfect right?!


If you’re the type of person that loves nothing more than being close to nature, then you’re going to love exploring the rainforests of Sumatra and Sulawesi where you will find over 300 species of birds and many other animals roaming freely in the untouched and guarded jungle. You can also expect to see species of animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world, so that’s another reason to make sure that your camera is charged and firmly packed in your bags. If you’re not the type to explore yourself you can even pay a small fee for a guided tour, where you will be able to learn even more about the land around you from your tour guide!


Finally, the photos that you will be able to take while you’re in Indonesia will literally blow your mind. As previously mentioned you can expect to see colour changing lakes, unusual coloured lakes, wildlife that you’ve never seen before, the culture and nightlife, and of course, the beautiful beaches of Indonesia. However, the best is yet to come and you won’t believe how truly wonderful it looks until you’ve experienced it yourself – the sunsets and sunrises. They let off a glow of pure ambers, reds and yellows and are a true spectacle that’s not to be missed. If you’re looking to step up your photography skills, here is definitely the place to start.

As you can see, there are many different and amazing reasons to visit Indonesia, so what are you waiting for? Look into booking your next trip away to Indonesia as soon as possible so that you can see for yourself what you have been missing. Last but not least, be sure to travel with someone that’s nearest and dearest to you so that you can experience the trip of a lifetime with one that you love.



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