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Why it is that when we think of travel, it’s always overseas? Sure there are some beautiful and fascinating places to see all over the world, but there are some pretty amazing locations right here in our very own backyard. One of those places is beautiful New South Wales, a region of Australia that you can find out more about in more detail in the post below.


New South Wales is located on the eastern side of Australia. It’s cities line the coast, and it’s a popular place to live and visit. But the most famous city in this region has to be Sydney. Which is a thriving city of over five million people with many cultural and historic sites, making it many people’s first stop in the region.

While in Sydney travellers are advised to see the big three. The Opera house, The Harbour Bridge and the very famous Bondi Beach. The latter being a mecca of sorts to surfers from all over the world. Although it is important to be careful when swimming or surfing at Bondi because the currents there that are so popular for creating the killer waves can also be dangerous for the uninitiated.

There are also many other wonderful and fascinating sites to experience while in Sydney too. For example, visit Darling Harbour for great restaurants with seafront views, as well as family-friendly activities such as a waterpark and street entertainments for younger members of your party.

Then there is the old school Luna Park fairground where you can ride the big wheel or race your friends in the dodgem cars. Expect fair-style food here too, the kind of deep fried deliciousness such as hotdogs and everyones favourite ice cream.

If you are looking for a different sort of fun, you can take a trip out to Lord Howe Island. While Lord Howe Island isn’t technically in Sydney it is still worth mentioning here, as you will find crystal clear waters, golden sandy beaches, and the perfect environment for scuba diving. This is an experience that certainly makes it worth the trip.

Obviously, as you would expect in such a bustling city like Sydney, there are all sorts of accommodation choices for a range of budgets. Hotels by the harbour are an excellent choice if you are looking to be in the thick of things, although they can be on the more pricey end of the spectrum.

If you are more budget conscious, renting a room or apartment from a company like Airbnb is perhaps a better choice. This can work well as you get the flexibility of being able to come and go as you please, as well as eat on your schedule. Something that can work well for those wanting to maximise their time exploring the city and don’t want to be restricted by formal meal times.


Of course, Sydney is not the only draw in New South Wales. And if you are looking for a quieter, more family oriented break try taking a road trip to the New South Wales city of Albury located down to the south. In fact, even though Albury is a smaller, less well-known city than Sydney, there are still plenty of exciting activities to do here. In particular, taking a trip out to see Hume Dam is a worthwhile adventure, especially at night when it is all lit up. Although a daytime visit is also a good choice as it’s an interesting site to tour, as well as the perfect place for a BBQ when you get peckish.

If the dam doesn’t float your boat, why not head on over to the Wonga Wetlands instead? There you will find kilometres of wide open spaces, as well as the opportunity to do some serious bird and animal watching. I have it on good authority that the educational aspect of the park is great as well, so it makes a fantastic trip for young and old alike.

If you do decide to head out to Albury, you will also be pleased to note that there are many accommodation options to pick from. You will, of course, find the usual hotel set up in the centre of the city and there is a good range of high priced venues like Quest Albury and ones that are more budget-friendly such as The Astor Hotel Motel.

Then there are the sites populated with cabins like the one run by Ingenia Holidays too. These can make an excellent choice for your vacation accommodation because you get the benefit of staying out in the country with all the advantages of being in an organised venue such as a pool and activities for the kids. Something that will allow you to use the park as a base for all your other adventures but means you are still able to chill out in a natural setting when your travelling is done.


Lastly, if you are exploring New South Wales don’t forget to pay a visit to the city of Dubbo in the Orana Region. While there you must pay a visit to Old Dubbo Gaol where you can experience a little of what life used to be like for convicts in the area!

Then there is the fantastic Taronga Western Plains Zoo which is the perfect location for seeing all sorts of exotic animals such as elephants, giraffes, rhinos and meerkats. They also run an extensive conservation program too, so you can learn how your visit is helping to populate these animals in the wild as well.

Finally, do not leave Dubbo without visiting the observatory. Here you can expect a guided tour from the owner Peter, who will provide you with some in-depth information on all sorts of astronomical wonders such as the lifestyle of a star. Of course you also get to look out through the telescope. A real treat for anyone that has lived in a city for most of their life, as you can get a fabulously clear view of many celestial bodies from this Dubbo location.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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