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For me, every time I see a stripe top or an open toe mule shoe I immediately associate it with Olivia Newton John’s infamous spandex ensemble. That coupled with this location is overly fitting for such a retro stint in that 50’s classic. It is also right in time for National Stripe Day.

This editorial is not entirely like the movie, but very much reminiscent. And believe it or not this was completely a spontaneous shoot. Much like the outfit itself which features two of my favourite sartorial loves. Some high waisted denims and stripes, all from ASOS. I never thought to combine the two until now. Not because such pairings never once crossed my mind, au contraire, but because high waisted denim tends to be my worst nightmare. Depending on the type of denim, this style has a habit of accentuating parts that make me feel uncomfortable. Parts that I’d rather camouflage with my trademark (not literally) disheveled slash partially tucked shirt style. So to pair a piece that demands flaunting with some stripes that happen to run horizontally, in my mind had always equated to the possibility of even more unnecessary bulging. And for me that always (and if I am brutally honest, still does) felt like a major faux pas.

But the thing is life is short. Time and trends pass in a blink of an eye. So waiting around for perfect moments, for certain events or for when you lose that extra kilo is ultimately pointless. Mainly because you risk the world moving forward without you. Learning to love and embrace all of you is something we need to do more of. I find it sad that as females we have to perpetually remind us and each other of such things. It should be as effortless as breathing; ingrained and protected as sacred. And not via a small group but expressed worldwide via the media and social channels. And while it is most unfortunate that a small part of society have other opinions, it does become easier to accept “flaws” as you get older. You learn to embrace, love and let go. Wear the clothes and wear them how you want to wear them; especially that horizontal stripe top. And all while feeling and knowing you look amazing.

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open toe mulesstripe top

ASOS off the shoulder stripe top (similar here and here)  .   ASOS super high waist jeans (similar here and here)  .   Witchery marble mule (similar here and here)   .   Mansur Gavriel bucket bag


Photos by Elizabeth Oro 


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