perfect party ideas for the style savvy birthday girl

If you’ve got a birthday coming up, congratulations and happy birthday; this is your chance to celebrate with your favourite people, and indulge in plenty of cake, fizz, and even a present here and there. Birthdays are a time to get your best outfit on, and to make sure that you look and feel great from head to toe. Therefore, every beautiful birthday babe deserves a party so that they can make the most of their new dancing shoes, and ensure that their party’s hashtag ends up trending. There’s no better way to enjoy a dreamy shindig than to start organising it yourself as soon as you’re able. You’ll want to inform guests in plenty of time so that everyone can attend and be there to watch you blow out your candles.

Whatever your style preferences or personality are, you’ll need to cover the basics for a successful event. Therefore, it’s time to get your notebook and pen ready and begin writing a list of what you need to book, hire, buy and organise in advance of your big day. Get your friends and family involved, especially if you’d rather delegate, but make sure that you have nothing to worry about on the anniversary of your birth; it’s a great day, and nothing should spoil it. The following are some ideas and inspiration for party planners who want their party to be a stylish affair, and an Insta-worthy event that nobody will forget in a hurry.



If you’ve enjoyed an array of parties and special events before, you’ll know how the extra touches can make something memorable, fun and ensure that guests are having a great time. Therefore, you’ll need to sort out any extras in good time so that you’re not left with last-minute additions that you never really pictured at your party. Whether you’re thinking of party booth hire, a live band, or a cocktail company; make sure you book the best you can within your budget. If companies are reputable and great quality, they’re likely to be booked up well in advance, so it’s worth planning now. 


Although you’ll want your party to flow naturally so that everyone has a good time, it’s worth thinking about planning specific points during the day or evening. It will depend on your guests, but the older members of your family may want to see you blow out your candles before leaving, and letting the rest of the guests get on with dancing the night away. Think about when and how to serve food and drinks. You’ll want everyone to have plenty of energy for the dance floor, so you may want to consider a catering company that will serve food or canapés at various intervals throughout the event. Or perhaps a buffet style of food is best so that guests can pick and choose what and when they want. Make sure that everyone is encouraged to make the most of the event. Work the room, take plenty of photos and check on those sitting in corners. You want your birthday to be remembered for all the right reasons, so plan ahead now for a stylish birthday this year.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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