15 minute beauty hacks for busy mornings + ladies on-the-go

15 minute beauty hacks
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Girls, we never seem to have enough time to get ready in the morning. Even if there are two hours before we have to leave the house, you can bet you’ll be rushing five-minutes before departure. Guys don’t understand because they have never had to put on makeup. Plus, no one in the office judges them for having a hair out of place. But let’s not get into the gender politics right now – #MeToo is doing a great job anyway.

Instead of wishing life was different, we need to find the kind of beauty hacks which can revolutionise our mornings. You know, the Holy Grail of waking up sixty-minutes before takeoff and still having time to eat breakfast and catch-up on the news? Okay, it sounds as if it is a pipedream and it’s easy to see why. The truth is that you don’t need an hour because 15 minute beauty hacks exist.

Just let that sink in for a moment. If you are interested in finding out more 15 minute beauty hacks, take a look at the following*.

(*To be read rhetorically – beauty hacks every woman will be interested!)


Wait a minute; what?! Sure, the idea of not spreading lotion over every inch of your body seems like a terrible idea. Without moisturiser, the skin will look greasy and dry and, well, not very appealing. It’s true that creams are fantastic tools and help the skin appear moist and flawless. There is a problem, however, and it’s called overuse. Because we women know how effective moisturiser is, there is a tendency to put on too much. As a result, it looks as if there is a film on top of the skin, a lot like rice pudding. Yuck! Instead, it’s best to use lotion sparingly throughout the day. For example, throw it on at night before going to bed and let it soak in. When you wake up, resist the urge to cream-up and apply during the day when it starts to get dry and tight. This 15 minute beauty hack and trick will save you an age every time and it’ll become second nature after a while.


How many hours do you spend each morning trying to cover a spot? Be honest because it’s important. Well, you’ll be glad to hear there is no need to waste energy any longer. No, don’t attempt to cover it up with makeup because it only exacerbates the situation. The chemicals will seep into the pores and cause the zit to grow. Instead, focus on reducing the redness so that pimples are harder to see when you’re out and about. Picking a solution is never easy, which is why beautyheaven.com.au is here to help. According to their expert opinion, Avéne Cleanance Spot Treatment is a winner, plus it comes in pen form so it’s easy to apply out of the house. If you’re into Elle.co.uk, their writers recommend using Tata Harper as it contains magnesium which aids inflammation. Anyone who wants to go retro can try the old face-steam-and-antiseptic-cream.

15 minute beauty hacks
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Depending on your beauty regime, the lips may be the first or the last thing you do before walking out the door. Either way, they can take an age because the colour never seems to stick. Sure, it looks great for a couple of minutes, but then it instantly begins to fade and wash away. It’s as if an invisible being is holding a piece of tissue to your mouth. Lips are by no means the main feature on the face, yet they are the cherry on top of the cake. With plump, come hither chops, you can take the emphasis away from the flaws. So, what are you supposed to do? the holy grail of 15 minute beauty hacks is to prime them before applying lipstick. Adding a foundation will help maintain the colour all day long so there is no need to worry. Plus, it saves time during the day as there is no reason to reapply constantly. Don’t put on too much or else you’ll be eating concealer for breakfast!


Eyes and lips are very similar. Not in the way they look, but in the effect they have. They are awesome accessories which can supplement a style perfectly. When they dress to impress, you can guarantee you’ll turn heads on the street. Sadly, there isn’t a hack which can save time applying makeup to the peepers because they are intricate. It isn’t as if one can throw on liner without a steady, surgeon-like hand. However, women can save time afterwards when the inevitable clean up effort commences. Because eyeliner is hard to get right the first time of asking, there is usually a smudge or two to rectify. Expertly using tissue paper to clean away the mistakes while avoiding the rest of the makeup is nearly impossible, which is why it takes ages. Thankfully, an earbud is on hand to stop the clock. With a tiny amount of cream, the bud will easily wipe away any errors in a matter of seconds.


Sometimes, there isn’t enough foundation, lotion, eyeliner, etc. to go around. It’s a desperate situation because there are two options. The first is to head to the store at the crack of dawn and replenish your stocks. The second is to go au naturel. Obviously, most of us are too self-conscious to leave the house without makeup, so the first option is often the best bet. Of course, there isn’t enough time in the day to go early-morning shopping and put on your best face. It’s a dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be if there is Vaseline in the cupboard. Quite simply, this miracle worker and ultimate in beauty hacks is so flexible it can do a variety of different jobs. You probably know how it moistens and plumps lips, but what about tackling spots? Yep, it contains a cooling agent which reduces inflammation. Also, don’t be afraid to use it instead of mascara to give the lashes an extra sparkle.

15 minute beauty hacks


Eyebrows go through phases. A couple of years ago, it was all about small, sleek brows which were long and elegant. Nowadays, there are still trendy, but the natural look is coming back with a bang. Oh yes, the slugs are in fashion and taking over, ladies. It sounds drastic, yet those who are certain they love the silky look can tattoo on their eyebrows. Obviously, it’s a bit of a risk because you may not like the outcome. However, be sure to research the dos and don’ts and choose an artist who is experienced. If you can pull it off, there is no need to mess around at any time of the day! On the flip side, a transplant is an option for those who want full, thick brows. Visit SculptureClinic.com.au for more if you are unsure and need additional information. Always understand the pros and cons before doing anything which is permanent. As the term suggests, it’s difficult to reverse after the fact.


Probably the biggest project in the morning is showering. The act of stripping off and stepping into the warm water is pretty easy. In fact, it’s something most of us look forward to, especially as the autumn and winter weather draws nearer. The hard part is taking care of the thousands of strands of hair. As soon as it gets wet, it needs combing and drying and both of those things are time-consuming. But, without H20, your ‘do loses its shine and look tired and messy. It’s not a nice dilemma but it’s one which is easy to sidestep with the right tools. First and foremost, invest in a couple of bottles of dry shampoo. There are no points of figuring out this form of shampoo washes hair without getting it wet! Plus, it adds volume which is always nice. The secret beauty hacks every woman needs to know is to add a dose of baby oil then. As it’s slick and greasy, the oil adds a fantastic shine and makes it gleam. Be careful not to add too much or it may appear oily.


Legs need constant care, which is annoying because they spend a lot of the time out in the open. Shaving takes a while because, well, you’ve got a razor to your skin and you don’t want to make a mistake. As you get used to the process, you’ll be able to gloss over the excess hair without a second thought. But, be aware that the gel or foam you use has an impact. For example, a wet shave is a recipe for disaster. If there isn’t cream in the cupboards, don’t fret because conditioner is as useful. In fact, marieclaire.com reckons it’s better than specialist foam as it leaves them as soft as a baby’s behind. There is a second option, and it’s not to shave whatsoever. Summer may be long gone, but the winter months have their pros, and one is that you can wear long trousers.

Go on, give these 15 minute beauty hacks a try. Be sure to time yourself to see just how much time you save too.



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