cheap + cheerful changes to transform your home for the better

As a homeowner, the desire to create a better home environment never disappears. However, nobody wants to take on unnecessary costs or challenges. So, why not opt for something cheap and cheerful to transform your home instead?

You’ll gain the same level of happiness in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Let’s get started with 10 of the best ideas to home upgrades to transform your home.



There’s nothing worse than a cramped home that feels claustrophobic. Selling unwanted goods can make the home feel bigger while also generating a little revenue in the process. Moreover, it’s one of the quickest ways to equip yourself with the winning mindset. 

When combined with the idea of utilising extra storage features, you’ll see stunning results. From using ottomans to finding hidden storage under the stairs or behind the doors, those simple ideas can make a world of difference. This step can also make ongoing maintenance a little easier too.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially at home. In truth, you should look to keep the home tidy at all times for a better atmosphere. Besides, this can help protect your financial investment. Particularly when enabling you to spot signs of damage in a quicker fashion.

Ongoing care is important, but some issues require a professional touch. A professional carpet cleaning service can restore flooring to its former glory at a fraction of the replacement cost. Given that this approach is far less hassle too, this is something that all homeowners should see as a bonus.


Colour schemes are the defining feature of any room, and changing this aspect could generate an entirely new vibe and transform your home. However, even if you love the current styles, it’s imperative that you prevent the threat of the walls looking dreary. After all, this could sap the energy out of your property.

Painting is one of the cheapest upgrades of all, especially when you know how to prep the walls. Of course, wallpapers are another option. A lot of homeowners find that choosing a neutral colour makes the rooms look bigger. Meanwhile, a feature wall (in another colour or even wallpaper) adds character and can transform your home completely.


When searching for cost-effective upgrades and changes, it’s not all about the immediate benefits. In truth, opting for eco-friendly improvements can be one the smartest investments ever. The savings gained on a monthly basis will soon cover the costs. The home’s value should increase too.

While your ongoing habits have a huge impact on the proceedings too, putting the best facilities in place is a key first step. Aside from equipping the home with new tech, the fact you’ll be helping the planet can leave you smiling. This in itself is a reward that will enhance your love of the home.


The walls are naturally very important for the colour schemes of each room. However, they can additionally provide great practicality from a functional perspective. Adding shelving or mounting a television will save the need for other furnishings. This can save valuable floor space – and money.

Alternatively, you could go for a more drastic but still simple task such as breaking a wall down. Turning two rooms into an open space can bring a modern vibe, especially when using kitchen islands and similar features. Just make sure that this is a change that you actually want to transform your home.



Good lighting can make a world of difference and transform your home. It makes rooms feel bigger, brighter, and happier. When embracing natural lighting in a positive manner, it can aid the insulation too. So, even if you don’t want to invest in new windows, dressing them in the right fashion is crucial. 

In addition to natural lighting, the electric lighting sources are crucial for setting the atmosphere. The choice between traditional lighting and spotlights can bring a significant impact. Meanwhile, dimmer switches offer greater control. When coupled with adding table lamps, the whole home is improved.


Your home isn’t all about what’s inside the four walls. The garden can play an equally vital role as long as you keep it in the right condition. If yours has been left unloved, a professional landscape gardener can restore its natural beauty. In turn, this will bring a whole new dimension to the home.

Once the yard is back to good health, there are many simple ways to embrace it even further. From planting flowers to adding a few decorative pieces, those cheap and cheerful additions are set to achieve great things. For a slightly bigger job that will add huge value, building a deck is ideal.



Refitting a kitchen or bathroom could cost thousands. The truth is, however, that most of the cupboards and furnishings are in good condition. They simply need a little aesthetic revamp, which is why changing the door handles and other finishing touches can be a fast and easy solution. 

On a similar note, you may wish to change the taps on bathtubs and kitchen sinks. This can leave the rooms feeling brand new without taking on the expensive and time-consuming jobs. If you are happy with the function of the room as things stand this is probably the most practical answer.


A home never feels quite right unless the external features are in great health. Given that revamping this aspect of the property is quick, easy, and unobtrusive means it’s very odd that more people don’t take advantage. Painting the walls or adding window shutters are great starting points.

Meanwhile, fixing issues with the roof or guttering will aid the cause. Likewise, laying new tarmac for the driveway or simply installing a doorbell or better front gate can work wonders. Ultimately, those little tricks will improve your spirits each time you return home from work or daily activities.


The property is your castle and should be ready to protect your family. However, this is only made possible when you actively take matters into your hands. Adding CCTV and alarm systems doesn’t only protect the home. It also gives you that peace of mind that allows your family to relax in style.

If you’re a parent, childproofing rooms to ensure there are no unexpected trips to the hospital will bring similar rewards. Safety should always be the priority, which is why none of the other issues matter if you cannot get this one right. When you do, everything takes a turn for the better.    



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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