designing your dream home from gadgets to gardens

You often drift off into daydreams and start to think about what your ideal dream home would consist of. Everybody is guilty for having these wild, outlandish ideas which are often unreachable in our minds. Coming up with your home design is a very personal and exciting venture, which can often feel intimidating and scary at first. Where do you start when building your dream home? How can you stick within your set budget? All of the thoughts in your mind are most certainly attainable you just need to be realistic and manage your expectations.

Take each step little by little and you will be on your way to building your dream home. From exciting technological features to flawless garden designs, you just need some inspiration to get you started. Try to forget about money for a few moments and think about what you really want from your home. This will be the first starting point in making your daydreams a reality. The truth is, these advanced features in your mind are not as unreachable as you think; many of these aspects are well within your budget you just need to choose the right ones for you. Remember quality is much more worthwhile than quantity, so decide on a couple of lavish features and make them the best they can be.



The houses you see on the television are becoming more and more technologically advanced by the day. You wish that your home could have some of the amazing home automation features that you have seen in the magazines, but you totally can! You could use your smartphone to control your heating, lighting and security features, with not too many hidden costs. All you need to do is look for the right company to supply you with these exciting features and you will have a home which is fully equipped with the tech features you have always dreamed of. Your life will be a breeze if you just invest in some of these groundbreaking inventions for your home.  


Your kitchen is often the most used room in the home, especially if you’re an avid cook. If you aspire to have instagram worthy meals then you’re going to need to invest in a high tech kitchen. There are some truly jaw dropping gadgets out there which will take your kitchen from bland to grand, including fabulous fridges and cool cookers. There are some refrigerators out there which can actually tell you want ingredients you have on your shelves. You will then know what dishes you can make and what ingredients you will need to buy when you next hit the grocery store. Another novel idea which seems to be hitting the market is the idea of a sparkling water tap. Why stick to flat water when you could have sparkling and sophisticated? Great idea if you ask me!



When the weather is warm, there is nothing more satisfying than sipping on a cool cocktail in the comfort of your backyard. When it get really hot outside you have always wanted to have your own pool outside to take a dip and cool off. Although an outdoor swimming pool might seem a little out of your budget, you can find alternatives out there which offer just the same concept. There are relatively cheap hot tub and pool options out there which will make your garden the place to be when the sun comes out to shine. 



Your bedroom should be a calming zone within your dream home, so make sure it is kitted out with things that are going to make your life a breeze. Consider a quirky alarm clock, which wakes you up comfortably, instead of a screeching siren sound from your mobile phone. Get some automatic blinds which will help the natural sunlight ooze through your window in the morning without you needing to get out of bed. There are a tonne of brilliant bedroom hacks which will ensure you can get the most comfortable night’s sleep ever, so be sure to check out all of the options out there. 


A cinema room could be as high or low tech as you want it to be. From oversized bean bags scattered over the floor to a professional popcorn machine; you could design the spare room of your dreams by making it a cinematic experience. All you need is a plain white wall, which you can project movies and tv programmes onto. Select some comfortable seating of your choice and invest in a tonne of fluffy blankets to make it a cosy atmosphere. You won’t want to venture out to the movies ever again with this slice of heaven in your spare room.


Nobody likes to drag themselves to the gym each morning, no matter what their Facebook status says. Kit out your home with some ultimate home gym equipment and you will never have to stress about missing your early morning spin class ever again. Of course you only need to buy the equipment that you actually enjoy using, so make sure you are selective with your choices. The only things you might need are, some dumbbell weights, a couple of good quality, non-slip yoga mats and one or two pieces of cardio equipment and you will have an all purpose gym within your own home.

No matter what your budget is, you could be living in your dream home in just a matter of months. Do your research and discover which high tech elements are going to suit your needs the most. Whether you love the idea of controlling your home from your phone or your love to work out in the comfort of your bedroom, you can have an adaptable abode in a short space of time. Invest your hard earned money is some of the smartest, savviest and most stylish home design features on the market and watch your home transform into the dreamiest dwelling you have always wanted.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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