life lately #9


This polka dot cami from ASOS. I purchased this months ago but didn’t really give it much thought until now. Which in itself is pointless given the transition in weather and something that now equates and calls for much longer sleeves. Even though the last few days have been on the warmer side, I am still hopeful that the weather in Melbourne will continue to cool down further. Mostly because I can’t help but anticipate bootie weather. Which reminds me I need to up my game this winter. Despite having purchased these Sol Sana bad boys over the weekend I’ve found myself lusting over another two pairs. One being those classic Chloe Susanna’s and the second a pair from the Andy Csinger x Walnut collaboration. Which do you prefer?


Of some much needed time away and reconnecting with the Fam-Bam over on the East Coast of America. Which could also include a short stint in Toronto. After meeting some cousins for the first time last year in Portugal, I’ve been yearning to get to know this side of our family more and more.


Here and Now and The X-Files. I’m itching to comprehend Ramon and Dr Farid’s connection in Here and Now. Is it past life regression? Something supernatural or just plain coincidence? And when it comes to the new season of The X-Files, I am just adoring the writers playfulness with the storylines. Mulder’s constant overreaction and seemingly frothing at the mouth over the words “monster” or ‘alien” in any case just makes me happy. I am yet to catch up on the series properly but so far my favourite (and the last episode I watched) has been Episode 7: Rm9sbG9eZX.Jz. I know this divided a lot of people but I enjoyed the storyline about AI and the possibility of it banding against and seemingly outsmarting humans. It’s not that far fetched a reality really. Even the late Stephen Hawkin warned against AI. There is a brilliant documentary Do You Trust This Computer  (was free to stream last weekend, upset I didn’t get that memo) which also explores the topic more in depth. And who could forget The Terminator?! Things like these remind me to be kinder to “new Siri”, who I’m having difficulty communicating to since upgrading to the X.


Shamefully, nothing at all. And this is bothering me more and more. I do miss reading and I know my mind has been suffering because of its absence. Honestly my only problem is in attempting to make time. Seems easy enough but life lately makes it hard these days. Time is such a valuable and rare commodity. Any suggestions to help me improve?


Over these spiral earrings by Reliquia. I’ve seen these featured on many an Instagram flatlay, but it wasn’t until I physically saw them in person that I truly fell. These honestly are one stunning pair of earrings. I’m already a huge fan of their necklace designs, like the coin design I am wearing above. Also obsessing, strangely, over Vetements oversized sweaters. While I’ve always admired their individualist approach to design, I’d never fathom paying such an outrageous amount. But these days, I don’t know how, but I’ve been swayed somehow. And if I do happen to have a spare $900 to drop frivolously, then this sweater will surely be mine.


Hada Lobo’s Goku Jyun moisturising liquid from Japan. After reading a glowing review of it on Marie Claire I spent an entire afternoon searching on Amazon for someone who’d delivery to Australia. And for a mere $18 it is very much worth it. I’ve been using this most mornings now to replace my usual serum and moisturiser combo from The Ordinary. Mainly because of sticky summer mornings and sheer laziness, but this has kept my irritable, sensitive skin really lush and plump. It’s meant to be used more like a serum, to be followed by a moisturiser but I’ve been content using this on its own. Honestly could not recommend this product highly enough. For the price, the amount of product you actually use versus what is in the bottle I find it to be very generous indeed.


To Black Pistol Fire’s new album Deadbeat Graffiti. Rock ‘N’ Roll always baby.


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