things all women should start doing in their twenties

Your twenties are a very important part of your life. These ten long years can pretty much set the foundations for what you do in life, and help create a path for you to follow. When you enter your twenties, you’re still young and fresh face. By the time you hit the big 3 0, you’re a lot older and wiser.

There are plenty of things you should do during these years that will benefit you greatly in both the present and future. Here’s a list of what I deem the most vital things all women should start doing in their twenties:


It’s a well-known fact that women don’t tend to invest as much as men do. I’m not entirely sure why, but it could be down to the still ever present pay gap that means many women still don’t earn as much as men so can’t afford to invest. But hey, that’s just my guess! Anyway, you should start investing as much money as you can from a fairly young age. If you don’t know where to begin, then there are investment platforms out there like Ellevest. I’ve read countless Ellevest reviews that state this is a platform by women for women, so it should suit your needs pretty well. Investing is the best way to put money aside and save it while ensuring it grows at the same time. Start in your twenties, and you’ll amass a mini fortune over time. 


I know, it seems a little bit weird to plan for retirement when you’re in your twenties. But, a general rule of thumb is that you should start thinking about your golden years when you get your first full-time job. For many women, this happens in your twenties. The reason you start planning from so young is that it gives you a chance to raise a lot of money for when you retire. There are loads of pension funds you can buy into, and your employers should have a retirement plan for you anyway. Again, it seems weird to think about this now, but when the time comes you’ll be glad you did! 



Trust me when I say that your twenties are probably the best time for you to travel. Any chance you get, take a week off work or go somewhere nice for the weekend. Try and explore as much of the world as you can, because life comes with restrictions as you get older. When you enter your thirties, you might think about settling down and having children, etc. This limits your travel chances as you have to be a parent and look after kids. Not only that, but your career could advance, leaving you with a very important job that means you can’t go abroad as much as you’d like. Life gets in the way when you’re older, so travel in your twenties and experience as much of the world as you possibly can. 

There you go. Three fairly serious things all women should start doing in their twenties. Try them out, and I promise you’ll see many benefits both now and in the future.





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