fear isn’t your friend, but it doesn’t have to be your enemy

If asked, the majority of us would admit to hating fear. It’s that never-ending nagging in the back of your mind which says you aren’t good enough. Often it can stop you from pursuing paths along the way. Over a prolonged period excessive fear can also lead to conditions like anxiety. It’d be fair to say then, that fear isn’t your friend. Fear is not a friend to anyone.

But, if you’ve been grappling with fear for longer than you can remember, it’s time to accept it’s not the enemy either. On a biological level it is there to help, rather than hinder. And while there’s no denying it is a problem when it tips into anxiety, fear is a healthy and helpful part of significant changes. But don’t worry if you aren’t convinced that fear isn’t your friend and it need not be your enemy either. We’re going to look at three reasons fear in the face of big change may not be such a bad thing.

fear isn't your friend


When you’re on the cusp of a new beginning, fear is that voice in your head which tells you to think twice. While fear isn’t your friend because many of us delay big decisions, it is however the reason we tend to think decisions through from every available angle. Of course, we all know one person who jumps into opportunities, and most of us wish we could do the same. But jumping without thought isn’t always wise; especially with big life events. Changing careers for instance has a significant standing on your life. Why would you want to make that choice on a whim? In this instance, you can thank fear for making you think twice and ensuring you make the right decision.


Fear also often pushes us to ask for help. When we’re afraid to such an extent that we can’t proceed alone, we have no choice but to reach out. And that’s precisely what we need to do sometimes. What’s more, this urge to get help can also ensure we don’t make mistakes where it matters. Say you’re buying a house, but you’re afraid even to get started. Your fear may push you to reach out to new home builders like Aussie Living Homes who offer support and advice, as well as properties to get you started. Or it may be that you’re afraid about advancing in your career and approach your boss with the worry. As well as putting you at ease, they may then actively coach you into a higher role. So you could argue that fear itself puts you in a better position than you would have been.


This one may seem strange but think about it. Without fear there would be no need for courage in the world. As such, you can only be truly brave if you face your fears head on and come out the other side. Somebody who doesn’t experience fear can hardly say they triumph. Nope. Courage only comes when you invite fear into your life and find new ways to work through it.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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