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And so the dawn of a New Year is upon us. And with that I sincerely hope you all had a most whimsical night and jubilant start to 2019.

As most will admit, 2018 was a perilous year, however in hindsight one which saw much growth through trials. For me it was significantly more hectic with more downward spirals than wondrous highs. Extremes such as adventuring through marvellous Croatia and making new connections with family on foreign lands to the devastation of learning my furbaby Chanel was ill and in need of surgery. It was a year which saw anxiety take its toll by causing me to withdraw and recoup but also discovering an inner moxie and daring myself to push forward and accomplish certain desires. 2018 began as a year full of wondrous promise and determination, yet turned out to be anything but. So for the coming New Year, I feel it best to remove any semblance of “resolutions” and opt for intention instead. The intention to create more, do more and most importantly, be more present. But not to forget kindness and remembering to make this a priority in everything I do and everywhere I go. Because as we all know, the world can do with a healthy dose of kindness. Always. And not just to others but to myself, who is the greatest critic and tends to judge harshly upon. As well as being perpetually disappointed in.

When it comes to setting the intention towards creating more significantly, I speak more in terms of my own blogging and writing journey. It’s no secret how complacent I’ve been with this blog. But when I do manage to come back online, it always astounds me how strong the blogging community truly is. From complex content creation (and just how much I’ve missed out on between visits) to supporting one another; blogging is alive and well. And frankly more enjoyable and trustworthy than numbers and algorithms. I delight in the creative freedom and complexities that blogging presents. And like always there is room for improvement.

The second intention is to work on being more present; especially when it comes to new adventures. While it may sound utterly cliche, the fact is I tend to absorb myself behind the lens; desperate to catch every single sweeping moment. And because of such carelessness, it’s astounding just how much one tends to be deprived of. I noted such nuisances climbing along the Old Walls of Dubrovnik, turning certain corners and being unaware of overtaken landmarks, despite having captured them on film. It’s utterly astounding how much can be evaded by the senses. Quoting wise words by Eckhart Toille, being present must be felt. It can not be thought.

And as someone mentioned to me the other day, 2019 will be the final year in our lifetime to end in a “teen”, both phonetically and written, so make it unforgettable.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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