what your socks say about you


Socks have been around for hundreds of years. They have been made of cotton, bamboo, wool, and many other fabrics, and they can be found in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors. As they cover your feet, the simple sock also protects you from blisters, germs, and foot stress; so, you can begin to think of socks as your friendly foot guardian. But did you know that the fabric cushioning your foot can actually be making a big statement? Here are a few of the ways your socks can show your personality and influence the world around you.


Researchers discovered many years ago that what you wear changes how you behave in the world and how others see you. If you went into your doctor’s office, you might find a neatly dressed professional man whose opinion you can trust. Then as he crosses his leg, a bright pop of blue, green, and turquoise stripes peeps out as his socks appear, and suddenly you understand your doctor has a fun, silly side. Such is the power of the sock. The ordinary black, white, or gray fabric choices have morphed into a multitude of fun socks for women that are fun, classy, and sexy styles that can enhance any of your outfits.


You may follow the rules and dress for the office, but why not let the rebellious you peek out from beneath your corporate wardrobe by wearing socks with a pop of sparkle featuring silver, bronze, or gold. The more common black sock could also be the way you go, but why not hide your favorite cartoon logo or animal print, that only flashes when you want it to. The defiant you may smile every time you see a flash of the women’s novelty socks.


Small, bold stripes of color on a black background may be the way you prefer your socks. Grounded with traditional patterns and colors, you like classic styles, weaves, and designs. When your sock peaks through, you can be assured your socks are as reliable as you are.


Whether it is just a hint of color in a pair of tights, fishnet knee highs, or lacy ruffled anklets, your flirty socks can be a bold statement of how you feel about the world. You may wear your flirty socks to accent a short dress, or they may be hidden away under a long flowing summer skirt, but you know they will peek out as you walk.


When you need to get out into the wilds, run for a few miles, or climb up a mountain, your feet can still make a statement. White socks with a bold, colorful stripe can let your personality shine; or you may want to wear a foot covering with your favorite logo boldly featured. You can still be edgy and modern while being out of doors.


Bold stripes, in unexpected colors and socks that don’t match have been around for a few years, but they are more popular than ever. Just as you can enhance your look with a new color in your hair or an over-the-top pair of glasses, the imaginative you can use socks to tell the world who you are. You hold the power over what goes onto your feet, use it to represent the inner you.

Researchers tell us that the way a person dresses can convey who they are, how they feel, and what statement they want to make to the world around them. You have the power to make any statement you want with your feet by covering them in a sock that fits your mood and enhances your wardrobe. Be bold or stay classic; it is your choice.





Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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