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willow kimonowillow kimonowillow kimonowillow kimonowillow kimonowillow kimono

As the Southern Hemisphere shifts towards cooler temperatures, the rise of spring related attire from our Northern neighbours is making me want to hold onto the waning warmth of our Indian summer. When it comes to the practicality of a kimono in the colder months, thankfully Australian winters are mild, so traipsing about in one isn’t necessarily ruled out. Smart? Seemingly not. But stylish? Oh yes.

I make no secret of my affinity for a kimono or duster style jackets. Personally I adore the effortlessness of these pieces, as well as their ability to be loud and proud; a statement which requires little to no effort on my part. As I’ve gotten older my style and preferences have shifted and as such I’ve been opting to make more sustainable choices when it comes to fashion. As well as making sure said purchases are in line with that motto of quality over quantity. However at times this has proven difficult due to financial or size restrictions. A choice which I feel as though may have polarised many of my readers. For there are those who admirably, wholeheartedly invest in such practices, and then those who could not care less. And there’s no denying how I have felt judged between both parties. In a perfect world I would adopt both quality and sustainability as stringently as I do with my recycling habits. But this world is far from perfect and sometimes I find myself having to reign in finances. But most times, being someone who is between regular and plus sizes, I am simply not catered for. There is no denying the actual distinction you get from a well made piece. Also the sense of gratification in knowing that who made said piece did so under humane conditions, while simultaneously having a more conscious impact to our planet. For this reason I have always adored Spell & The Gypsy’s designs and ethos. And lately their push to further improve their imprint on our planet makes me admire them even more. It also does’t hurt that they’ve increased their size offerings too.

When it comes to my own personal style, my signature has always been built utilising basics which generally consist of a denim bottom and a plain white tank. Something which pairs delightfully with this Spell Design’s Willow kimono. I’m not entirely sure how I managed to purchase one (that said you can find it here), like most of their collection launches, the Willow kimono sold out within moments of being released. And as fate would have it, I managed to acquire one from a Brisbane stockist. The Willow kimono has been well worth the investment, as it has been a firm favourite all summer long. Not just for its sustainable practices but for the subtle yellow tones and leopard print. Overall it’s the kind of hue which transports and reminds me of fragrant citrus fruit blooming along the Mediterranean coast. Because with such European whimsy and fanfare, one can not help but be intoxicated with euphoria.

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willow kimonowillow kimonowillow kimono

Spell Designs Willow kimono  .   ASOS tank  .   Missguided Riot mom jeans   .   James Smith Cafe Society mules (similar here)   .   Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses   .  Silver Collective Olympia ring



Photos by Elizabeth Oro and myself.

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