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The Mario Badescu facial spray was born in the 1980’s and to this day remains an icon in its own right, with one bottle sold every twenty seconds worldwide. To be honest, Mario Badescu skincare was never a brand that overly appealed to me, despite an undeniable attraction to the minimally matte and retro packaging. I was never truly drawn nor compelled to sample when I saw it in store either. So what exactly was it that finally enticed me to test this beauty icon? Well, as much as I hate to admit this, I am not going to lie, I am someone who tends to be easily influenced. Especially when it pertains to all things beauty. For example a handful of honest but exemplary reviews through various bloggers or frantic social media hype over a product seemingly garners my interest and will have me impulsively reaching for my wallet. So when the sudden spike in hysteria over a snapchat Kylie Jenner posted about her holy grail, the Mario Badescu facial spray last year, I was not immune to the fanfare and it saw me adding to cart almost immediately.

With that thought, I can’t help but wonder if I am I the only one who reacts so ridiculously impetuously at such things? Do you find that when a certain product is overly hyped, regardless of what that item is, be it beauty or fashion related, that curiosity gets the best of you? That ineffable need to investigate such claims and hysteria? In regards to the Mario Badescu facial spray it was the talk of a sweetly scented rose and boost of effortless hydration which spiked my initial interest. And having never truly been a fan of any kind of floral scent, made this a most frivolous and controversial personal yearning. But with a mere Australian $10 price tag I felt like I had nothing to lose, because at this price point immense disappointment or disdain over this facial spray wasn’t going to hurt the proverbial pocket. And considering my mother is an avid purveyor of all things floral, I wasn’t at risk of being wasteful either as I had a new home easily lined up.

There are now four different facial sprays on offer. Aloe, cucumber and green tea for an antioxidant boost, aloe, chamomile and lavender for soothing hydration and and the latest formula aloe, sage and orange blossom for balance and a dewy, smooth complexion. I stuck with the original icon, the aloe, herbs and rosewater spritz. Truthfully I initially didn’t know what to expect when it came to the Mario Badescu facial spray. And at such a low price point I didn’t have much faith in it either. That said upon my very first spritz I was pleasantly impressed. Especially with the smell, delicate but not overly repugnant and as overwhelming as I find most scents with notes of rose tend to be. Overall the whole experience left me with an inexplicable feeling of  decadent lightness. Calm and very much refreshed.

It’s safe to say I have been using the aloe, herbs and rosewater facial spray daily for close to six months now. For me the Mario Badescu facial spray has now become a staple in my routine, not just a quick spritz around midday, but multiple sprays throughout the day. If anything this has been my new go-to for a simple but dramatic pick-me-up for times when I begin feeling dreary. Or for when I feel as though my skin could do with a boost of hydration while wearing make-up throughout the day. The former is what actually has me reaching for this facial spray time and time again. The humble act of spritzing this on my face coupled with the heavenly scent it emits consistently leaves me reinvigorated and with an enigmatic sense of tranquility.

For me the strengths in the Mario Badescu facial spray lie within its moisturising and calming capabilities. Especially having sensitive skin, which I’ve found this facial spray to be gentle and complimentary. I truly find this an exceptional pick-me-up with the additional bonus of being a refreshing burst of hydration. One that is effortless to spritz throughout the day; either without or with make up. The latter being what makes this so ideal for me, especially being someone who works from her car. No mirror required. Also that sense of serenity and lightness that comes from the entire process can be highly addictive and favourable during stressful situations. If I am wearing make-up I find it does not affect nor alter it negatively. With that said, as a setting spray I really don’t recommend it, as I find it doesn’t leave my make-up looking flawless for extended periods of time. The aloe, herbs and rosewater facial spray is also meant to leave one with a dewy finish; with or without make up. And I for one am yet to experience such a glow either way. So if you’re looking for a facial spray specifically to set make-up or to leave you with a radiant finish, I’d suggest looking for another product. But if you’re looking for ease in moisturization then I highly recommend the Mario Badescu facial spray. Because it is very much uncomplicated and hydrating and works best when spritzing throughout the day. Overall I find the entire experience to be quite luxurious. From the delicate floral tones to the simple ease of using this, the whole process on paper sounds frivolous yet it is anything but. And for the very much affordable price point one can not go wrong either.

Try the Mario Badescu facial spray here.

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