embracing the urge to shop

the urge to shop

Shopping for anything sartorial related has become quite the controversial topic of late. From the now unconcealed environmental damage caused during production to the unrelenting demands of buying into certain trends. It seems like the spotlight has been squarely focused on the darker fringes of the fashion world; and for good reason. The world is screaming and yearning for change and so are style mavens, no longer content with simply burying our heads in the sands of ignorant bliss.

While there’s no denying the negative impacts brought on by the fashion industry, there are copious ways one can continue to embrace their love for all things style, and do so minus the guilt. From opting to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable pieces to minimising the amount of items you actually purchase on a regular basis. Even in making it a priority to make smarter choices, ie: the quality over quantity rule. One which I’ve been personally attempting to make and breathe as my mantra when it comes to all fashion related purchases. And given how certain trends are cyclical in nature, electing the quality over quantity route truly is a wise investment. Especially when you know which key pieces to focus on, like the little black dress or a moto jacket. Seemingly quality may not unfortunately always equate to sustainable. But limiting and making smarter decisions does have a positive impact. One that larger fast fashion corporations will hear loud and clear.

I was recently introduced to The Urge, a convenient website that allows you to explore thousands of online retailers. It means that making those smarter, sartorial decisions can now be achieved effortlessly by utilising their online search engine. I’ve found The Urge rather helpful during times whilst randomly perusing online and being inspired by an image or outfit. Especially on places like Pinterest where links end up unhelpfully on Tumblr pages. With The Urge, you simply search for a particular item, like a duster jacket for example, and The Urge will then source matching items from countless retailers within seconds. You can click through each item for more information like material details and even payment options offered by that particular retailer. Overall The Urge is very much ideal in helping you make more conscious and informed decisions by readily comparing pieces. They also provide assistance in sourcing items you’re having difficulty acquiring. Which means that hunt for the perfect white shirt won’t equate to hours on end lost combing through individual retail favourites. Nor frivolous additional purchases because you found something more ideal days later. An added bonus is that The Urge are currently in the process of implementing a sustainability category on their website. A feature I am most excited to use in the near future and one which will make the aspiration for becoming and being more conscious of what you are buying that much more straightforward. In the meantime, try out the extensive search options at The Urge for your next online purchase and make that next sartorial purchase one that is more informed.

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