2019 blogging year in review slash some past favourites

I had every intention on having a 2019 blogging year in review post published and live closer to the start of January. And yet as the madness of daily life continues into 2020, such was not the case. Over the years I’ve always adored reading yearly overview blog posts by other bloggers. And seeing how the last few years I found myself needing to disconnect more and more from the digital world, such posts were a great way to catch up on what I’d seemingly missed. Strangely enough, never once did I contemplate creating my own roundup style blog post. That was until recently when I found myself inspired by a blog post by Rowena from Rolala Loves. And being somewhat short on ideas for content, coupled with the phrase it is now or never, I thought this it. And what an ideal way to introduce such a segment to Daring Coco too.

But I know what you’re thinking. A 2019 blogging year in review? Really? While it’s not secret that 2019 was a horrid year, one which only saw me post a total of twenty six times (with a firm portion being sponsored content) and remain virtually silent on social media, a 2019 blogging year in review seems rather foolish all things considered. Hence the need to include and share some other favourite posts of mine through the many years of blogging on this platform.

A little over seven years to be exact.

2019 blogging year in review


To date, this has been one of my most loved personal style posts. Both in terms of the location (one I’ve happened to use before here) and the accompanying words. Published early last year, it features my favourite sartorial piece from Spell Designs, this kimono. This post also highlights my undeniable affection towards the kimono or duster type coats and also my burning desire to impart a more sustainable footprint. Especially when it comes to the world fashion. And with it pure transparency with my own needless consumption; one which could certainly do with some improvement and adjustment. Something which I vowed to improve on, and something I can hand on heart say have certainly made strides with.


plastic pollution


This was a photo series originally introduced to me by Style For Mankind blog. It was a blog post and accompanying set of photos that really left quite the impression. One which opened my eyes to the bad behaviour and habits of the human race; and to my own poor decisions too. For starters it introduced me to the damaging horrors of micro-plastics. Something I was shamefully unaware of in both the use of it in beauty scrubs and the detriment to our oceans. This photo series by Alejandro Duran truly makes you question your own plastic misuse and instills an urgency to right the wrongs of poor trash management and choices. These are a set of photos which I believe will really drive even the biggest of sceptics into wanting and pushing for real, tangible change for our environment. To this day these photos continue to leave me reeling at the mere sight of them. That, coupled with the fact that this project began a decade ago, it really saddens me to see how little progress we have made since. Because we all call planet Earth home; we only have the one home and we need to take responsibility and take better care of it.


2019 blogging year in review


A blog post originally inspired after experiencing one of the most uncivilised journeys on an airplane to date; both to my European destination and then even when venturing back home. Having experienced unbelievable intimidation and confrontation by fellow passengers, invasion of personal space and having unopened beer cans tossed onto my shoeless feet. It seems, and to this day still does feel ludicrous that one would even think of a need for such a post. And yet here we are, living in a day and age where being uncivilised and rude to others is sadly acceptable. And with a constant barrage of social media shaming highlighting such poor behaviour, it feels like such etiquette needs to be reiterated. What do you think?


2019 blogging year in review


This rooftop terrace has to be one of my most loved locations in Croatia. Panoramic views of the ocean to one side, a bustling metropolis of modern and ancient to the other. Having only spent a mere 24 hours in this town, it truly left such an impression on me. One which left me with perpetual wanderlust pangs and yearnings to return and explore it fully. The seaside town of Split in Croatia is undeniably charming and teeming with ancient treasures. Not to forget unforgettable crystal clear waters.


2019 blogging year in review

MUSE ME #29 

Another post from last year, featuring my favourite “Muse Me” collage to date. It also was a post composed right on the dawn of when the proverbial shit hit the fan last year. It’s somewhat amusing to look back and recall how and what I was thinking. And to read back on all the inner plans slash commitments I had made for myself, all that motivation and yearning for betterment completely forgotten in an instant. Being drawn back to some of the darkest moments I’ve experienced so far, evoking the pain of how promptly you find yourself sinking lower than rock bottom in the blink of an eye. Looking back such experiences have taught me not to take anything for granted. Even when it comes to the smallest and (in the scale of things) insignificant of material possessions like a phone or vehicle. And how being present in every moment truly is an unwritten necessity in todays fast-paced world.


desk flatlay


If you’ve been a reader of Daring Coco for some time now then you’re probably well versed in my many, many moments of absence and firm feelings of being overwhelmed and burnt out. The latter truly feels like a reoccurring role turned main character in the movie that is my life. Working until you’re burnout, feelings of confusion and frustration over self perceived lack of progress and frustration over moments of creative blocks saw me in a constant battle mentally. They’re also sentiments which I am not alone in feeling. Something I began to note as more and more creatives found themselves compelled to pull away, upon their return was the incoherent need to apologise and request forgiveness from our readers and fellow friends. Which seems ludicrous but in a community that demands more and more from us, we place so much pressure on ourselves. So it’s good to remind ourselves that it is ok to break away from time to time. For as long as required. We are human beings, not machines, and the unrealistic expectation we place on ourselves to constantly and perpetually create perfection is very much unrealistic. Who agrees?


2019 blogging year in review


A look back to the days where I honestly enjoyed posting as I pleased on Instagram. A time where numbers and algorithms were not a factor. One could post as they liked, when they liked. And of course the photographic and creative freedoms. No limits with uniqueness praised not copied. The only real nuance about Instagram was the real-time difference between countries. As those in the Northern Hemisphere posted, us down in the Southern parts slept. However it was still easy to catch up, a quick scroll of your feed, a feed that was categorised by real-time posting meant it was effortless to locate what others had posted hours ago. Unlike today where business type accounts get flushed out by money hungry algorithms. For me I feel like this was the last year that I remained with a consistent presence on that social media platform. These days I grow tired of seeing or more like not seeing the kind of feed and accounts I want to. That joy of photographic expression removed in a bid to attract numbers and likes. At times I find myself contemplating making a return, then I remember the above and scrap all thoughts altogether.


twelve apostles


I have an undeniable wayfaring heart and appetite, and when it comes to travel and wanderlust, I tend to forget the majesty of my very own backyard. Of places I want to peruse and explore, the countless lists I have made, in the country I call home it seldom graces with its presence. Places like the Twelve Apostles (image above) remind me of the beauty in my own country and with the horrendous months of perpetual bushfires, a reminder to not take it for granted. And I should know all too well that things can be forever changed in an instant.


2019 blogging year in review


This editorial of Astrid Munoz has been my most loved, dating back to the new millennium, the year 2000. And while I never managed to physically get my hands on this, nor was I introduced to it a few years later, it still managed and manages to captivate. Set in a location that was the first one to ever make it on my bucketlist, a place I’ve been yearning to wander for what feels like a lifetime; Peru. And of all places I’ve had the most intense yearnings for is to hike the trial to Machu Picchu. In that sentence alone lies just how long I have been dreaming of undertaking such escapades as this sight can now be travelled to via train. For me the mystery and incredible accomplishments of the Aztecs is utterly fascinating. As is the ability to thrive in such harsh conditions. Something which I’ve always felt like this editorial captures beautifully; and then some.


food at left field


Left Field is one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne. And for me this was one of my very first posts in the “Eating At” series. And one which inspired me to continue sharing some artfully delectable eats with an ambience and interior to match. This blog post also happens to be some of the best food photography I ever managed to capture. And one which I struggle to emulate again and again.


los angeles


This happened to be my very first, official foray into the world of Youtube and videography. And my adventures to the west coast of the USA served as the perfect inspiration for a beginner like myself. And even though these adventures are from a few years back, it truly was one of the most incredible exploits to date. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon to Monument Valley and curiosities like Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch and Salvation Mountain. What better way to surmise such an experience and to perpetually reminisce than through video itself. This may have been the first video I created but hopefully not the last, as videography was something I really enjoyed creating. Even if it took me well over two weeks to compile.


2019 blogging year in review


This was a personal style post with a difference. And as I originally captioned on social media; a outfit post with me being all kinds of extra. A Fran Drescher moment if you will. Leopard print on leopard print with a statement Jord watch. Seemingly simple yet packing such a punch. I don’t personally go down this path, preferring and opting for a more minimalist route, yet I thoroughly enjoyed stepping well out of my sartorial comfort zone with this outfit. And it seemed like a lot of you agreed to as it ranked quite highly in page views. Perhaps I should showcase more boldness? Or even find a way to be slightly more fierce in basics.

And that is a wrap.

I’d like to ask you what your most memorable blog post is on Daring Coco, however seemingly such question is not feasible considering just how long this blog has been in operation for. She actually just turned seven back in November. So instead I want to know what your own personal favourite post is on your own blog or maybe another’s and why. Prey tell, below in the comments. I really look forward to reading your responses.

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