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the sunglasses chain

Whether you find yourself in the midst of scorching summer weather or on the brink of welcoming those sunshiny days, all trends aside, there is something undeniably charming and whimsical about the sunglasses chain. An accoutrement that is rather polarising to some in fashion circles. Not quite on par with the “ugly dad trainer” trend, one which saw us at first in disbelief, then welcome it with big, wide embracing arms for seasons to come. The humble sunglasses chain is at best a frivolous and eccentric yet so very much understated and practical. It is something you either embrace and love or you don’t.

Simple as that.

There was something about this sunglasses chain by Fendi that left me enamoured. I suppose it’s the delicate gold chain and obnoxiously curious logo details in tortoiseshell that had me infatuated. Not being one for grand and outwardly designer displays, the logo details are reminiscent of a pair of minimal drop earrings. An authentic retro feel, one that could have others assuming vintage, and yet a design that has seemingly been updated from the eighties. It has left me intoxicated and hungry to justify such an exorbitant spend on a piece that will certainly get well used. Or if I am honest with myself, will it? The sunglasses chain does have a life span that is seemingly never-ending. It is a piece that doesn’t exactly make grand comebacks and entrances, more like lays dormant in ones drawer for a few decades or so and reemerges after a long hibernation.

With all this said, is such a piece worth the investment?

Depending on your own budget, maybe not. However there is quite the selection these days when it comes to purchasing a sunglasses chain. With many at significantly more affordable price-points too, so one need not miss out on adding a sunglasses chain to your collection. You could also bypass said piece and opt for an even more frivolously statement inspired pair of sunglasses. Like these Stella McCartney’s, a pair which have been gracing the top of my wishlist for weeks now. Ever so edgy with a delightful fringe of gold. While they don’t exactly have the practicality of securing ones glasses, they do know how to make quite the entrance.

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