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essential oils by utama spice

essential oils by utama spice

Who knew that in the world of essential oils, it was vast and great? I certainly did not. On the previous “Life Lately” post, I noted how most of my readers are fairly familiar with essential oils. And I guess I had no idea just how much of a total novice and completely uneducated on the subject I truly was. More so in that I had naively assumed essential oils were limited to use in a diffuser. A train of thought which kept me at arms length from this world for as long as it had. But this all changed when I finally decided to purchase a diffuser. That coupled with thanks to some essential oils by Utama Spice, helped me to unearth the extensive world of aromatherapy.

My journey with essential oils ultimately began with my quest to lead a more sustainable and natural lifestyle. And while its been easier to be proactive in making more sustainable choices in certain areas, the shift in focus to beauty and skincare has not. There are some brands taking positive steps towards improving their own footprint, like Kevin Murphy electing to use 100% ocean plastic waste in their packaging. But it certainly feels like this is an industry which is sadly lagging and resistant to much needed change. Aside from the major issue of plastic pollution that comes from the beauty industry, like those dainty jars or rose gold lipstick cases we gush over, many of which are made from plastic and can not be recycled via your curbside collection, there is also the very real issue of harsh chemicals and hidden ingredients.

While many recognised companies are failing on this front on so many levels, there are numerous smaller brands paving the way in sustainable and natural practices. Like Utama Spice, a traditional and 100% all natural company specialising in skincare and aromatherapy. Based in Ubad, Bali they are seriously passionate about retaining and practising traditional Balinese herbal traditions through their very own skincare and aromatherapy lines. And all being chemical free, vegan (with the exception to products containing beeswax) and organic. While I am fairly green when it comes to the vast world of essential oils and aromatherapy, these essential oils by Utama Spice came at the perfect time. Because they left quite the impression and gave me a wonderfully delightful introduction to aromatherapy. One which left me wanting to deeper explore this world. And as I began delving further, I was amazed with the abundance of uses at hand.

And all in a humble drop of oil no less.

When it comes to essential oils, to say I feel like I’ve been late to the party is an understatement. I had no idea their reach and that the plethora of uses were so plentiful. Aside from my general knowledge of utilising them in a diffuser, I discovered the benefits in inhaling essential oils straight from the bottle or through a facial bath. How you can use essential oils in a bath to soak or in a compress to relieve pain. And how specific essential oils can be used topically on certain pressure points to relieve aches and pains or for skincare concerns like acne. I’ve been using Deep Calm and Grapefruit essential oils by Utama Spice these last few weeks as a chemical-free and organic remedy to relieve the stresses of daily life. As well as experimenting with different and alternative methods to the single use I originally only knew was in place to give an honest review. I’ve also been trailing their Bliss essential oils roller while I am out and about, however, more on that to come in a later review.

ceramic diffuser

essential oils by utama spice

The Deep Calming essential oils by Utama Spice has been such a decadent and welcome treat. One I’ve been opting to use in my diffuser after work to destress and unwind. With a combination of natural lavender, rose geranium and citrus oils, Deep Calming lives up to its name and then some. I created a small but powerful routine to help myself unwind in the late afternoons. At 4pm sharp I make sure I lay myself down with a book (still reading George Orwell’s 1984, admittedly this is taking some time for me to get through) and turn on my ceramic diffuser with the Deep Calming essential oils by Utama Spice. For the past four weeks, this has been the highlight of my day. To come home from work, have a snack (or two), remove my make up then proceed to my bedroom and allow my mind to rest with my diffuser running in the background. One thing you may not know about me is that I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder. And it is something I have at times unsuccessfully self-managed for years now. This simple routine of laying down with the sweet scent of spiced lavender wafting around me has also helped me in managing my anxiety. Especially given such tumultuous times and with so much uncertainty in the world currently with the COVID-19 pandemic. The last two weeks have seen my anxiety levels significantly heightened; more so at the beginning of this week when my casual position came into question. Thankfully I still find myself in employment from date of publishing this post.

The use of the Deep Calming essential oils by Utama Spice in addition with my ceramic diffuser has made a small but momentous impact on my mental health. Even during moments when I find myself wide awake at 2am, three drops of the Deep Calm into my diffuser has helped eased my mind. I’ve even found myself reaching for Deep Calming when I’m finding myself in the clutches of writers block. Simply inhaling a fragrant scent of spiced lavender perfectly balanced with citrus undertones is a pleasant distraction for my overworked mind. Another favourite use for the Deep Calming essential oil is for an indulgent soak in my bathtub. And after such a hectic week, this is something I am very much looking forward to pampering myself with over the coming weekend.

essential oils by utama spice

essential oils by utama spice

The second essential oils by Utama Spice that I received was the Grapefruit. This is another good quality and organic essential oil that has the most wondrously fresh and lively scent. It comes as no surprise of my utter fondness for all things citrus, so undoubtedly I knew well before this essential oil arrived that it would be a prompt favourite. And much like the Deep Calming, the Grapefruit essential oil surpassed all expectations. For me it was the distinct and unadulterated essence of the zest of a grapefruit; like you’ve just pierced its fresh skin and are hit in the face with a spray of natural aroma that had me at hello. This essential oils by Utama Spice is one that I have just adored waking up to in the wee hours of the morning. A highly addictive fresh citrus scent, coupled with the fiery sunrises we’ve been blessed with over the last few weeks has really made my mornings easier to bare. I’ve also taken to keeping this by my side in places like my home office for moments of refreshment. This, alongside the Deep Calm, a quick inhale is very much uplifting and motivating.

One thing I was amazed to learn was how Grapefruit essential oil is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and skin. Given the state of the world and with the sudden shortage of cleaning agents and disinfectants at stores, this Grapefruit essential oil may just prove to be a great and natural alternative. It’s also said to be effective in healing wounds, and being as accident prone as I am, can’t wait to test this theory out myself.

Overall I’ve truly enjoyed indulging in these two essential oils by Utama Spice. Especially in applying these as a natural alternative to me managing my anxiety and stress levels. And aside from being very much affordable I personally love Utama Spice’s dedication and yearning to bringing and keeping traditional Balinese knowledge in use. And made with organic, all natural ingredients and cruelty-free no less. Utama Spice’s online store has a wide range of vegan essential oils and different blends worth perusing. I’ve had so much fun learning about aromatherapy and the many ways to utilise it to its fullest. This isn’t a journey that will cease here. No way. It is merely just the beginning.

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