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staying at home

Our world is vastly unrecognisable compared to mere months ago. The novel COVID-19 virus is forever changing our lives and landscape. For the most part it has us all on edge, pillaging supermarkets and becoming fixated to news and social outlets, hungry to devour any and all updates; toxic or otherwise. While it is very much debatable on how little our governments may or may not be doing, there are certain measures we each have powerful control over. For some of us flattening the curve is now a desperate and final bid in slowing the spread of the Coronavirus. One can not stress enough the importance of practicing social distancing but more urgently the need to simply stay at home. Especially if we’d like to refrain from the same levels of devastation the Coronavirus has had in Italy and Spain.

Being an introvert, staying at home is not bothersome for me. In fact, I am in my element. But for others staying at home proves to be increasingly challenging. And for some a sheer ordeal in having to remain in isolation for extended periods. It is imperative that we protect those who are vulnerable and more likely (on paper) to be susceptible to the Coronavirus by staying at home to prevent it spreading further. But also to not be complacent into thinking being young and in apparent good health makes you immune. There have been a number of cases of young, fit and healthy succumbing fatally to COVID-19. By staying at home you not only protect yourself from contracting Coronavirus but more notably you are protecting others around you too.

Especially to those who do not have the luxury of staying at home themselves.

There really is no better case for staying at home to prevent the spread of Coronavirus than this animation. Staying at home truly is our greatest weapon against the Coronavirus. So in a bid to further promote staying home, I have compiled a few ideas for wellness and mental health and also some activities to aid those who find such isolation or constrictions challenging. Or for those looking to simply pass some time or eager to stimulate their brain.


This truly is the most ideal time to practice a little self-care. And if there is one area in particular you chose to focus on, then make it your beauty routine. Because you are never too young or too old to invest in the health of your skin. Whether you are simply staying at home or working from home, this is an opportune moment to pamper oneself or to tackle those mundane tasks like thoroughly cleaning your make up brushes or clearing out your beauty cabinets. It’s also an optimal time to revise your skincare routine and attempt something new, like perfecting the double cleansing technique. Then there is simply indulging in little luxuries like a facial sheet mask or calming bath soaks. While this will improve your skin, it can also also assist in relaxing and lifting your mood and give you something positive to look forward to when you’re staying at home during this pandemic. I personally love Sephora’s range of affordable sheet masks. They’re great quality and nicely hydrating for the price point. And when it comes to cleansing masks my all time favourite is Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess clay mask for a really youthful complexion. Lately I’ve also been quite taken with Omorovicza’s deep cleansing mask. This mask performs at lightening speed and leaves me with clear, brightening results in a mere 15 mins or so.

This is could also be a fitting time to try out those cheeky Bawdy Beauty butt masks.


Journaling may not necessarily be the first thing that comes to mind when one contemplates activities for staying at home. And it probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. However the positive psychological effects on your mental health that come from this simple task are undeniable. Journaling can be a great way to work through some personal issues. It can also aid to pass time but more importantly it stimulates your brain. Journalling is not the same “Dear Diary” you kept as a child. And you don’t have to make taking pen to paper an arduous or tiresome task; you can have fun journaling. An example can be challenging yourself with daily writing prompts. Give yourself a daily topic to focus on, such as what a conversation with a deceased loved one would entail. Or if you could have anyone over for dinner, who would you invite and why. In times like these I personally adore the idea of recording a gratitude journal. Just note down one thing you’re grateful for on that day and why. It could be something funny your pet did. Perhaps an unexpectedly delectable burger you got delivered from a local restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Even the wonderful stories confessed during a telephone conversation with an elderly relative. An entry into your journal need not be an elaborate essay. Even a short sentence or two suffices and has the power to brighten your mood and outlook. It’s also a gentle reminder to focus on the bright side in a not so luminous world.

Finally let us not dismiss the potential of a good book. While you may be confined and doing the right thing by staying at home, reading a book can transport you to another place or time. There is no better way to escape reality than through a compelling tale or two so it’s a great time to revisit some classic favourites or stock up on some new titles.


For those of us blessed to know the unconditional love of an animal, it is a no-brainer. Simply play and spend time with your pets. You may feel overly confined and bored staying at home or even be facing mental health issues because of said confinement. Speaking from personal experience, I do believe there is no greater distraction and sense of comfort that comes from interacting with their little souls. I read a story years ago that forever changed my perspective. For us pets sadly play too short a stint in our lives. And yet for them we are their entire lives; we are their entire world. And while we have an abundance of distractions and entertainment; our pets do not. They rely and depend on us, so be sure to make the extra effort to truly be a part of their world. You can do this easily by simply talking and conversing to them. They don’t understand us completely but they adore hearing our voices. Even the simple action of petting your pet has a significantly beneficial impact on both of you. Something which is effortless to entertain while you simply watch TV. Then there is the obvious; simply to play with them. This is yet another heartening and fulfilling activity that helps you both pass the time and find enjoyment in being at home. It provides a positive social interaction if you’re feeling too isolated and gets you moving too. You can shop some playful goodies and treats for your furry friends below.

That said many are not blessed to have a furry companion in their homes. During this time of social distancing and lockdowns, there are many shelters looking for foster carers to assist them during the pandemic. There is no better way to make an impactful difference in your world and theirs. And just maybe a brand new friend who could turn lifelong. That said please be mindful that pets are for life. While this is a very much convenient time to foster and take in an animal in need for companionship and care, there is a lot of hopeful talk that these animals will find their forever homes. I truly hope for such an outcome also. However if you plan on fostering and are contemplating becoming their permanent humans be mindful that they are sentient beings and not disposable like last seasons floral dress. For the love of God please thoroughly contemplate whether you can devote your time to love beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. These animals have been discarded in the past; some on multiple occasions. Fostering a shelter animal is still making a positive impact during this time so if you can, then please help out. It would be amazing for these animals to find their forever homes. But think of this first. You wouldn’t just abandon a child at the playground because finances become slim, they’re no longer “cute” or they become inconvenient and annoying. If you can’t distinguish the two, or see them as equal then do not contemplate adopting.



For some staying at home can be incredibly isolating. Especially for those who live alone. For once social media has the capability to have a positive impact on our mental health. And given the ease and copious ways of connecting with family and friends, there really is no excuse not to check in on others. It is also imperative you don’t overlook anyone; even those acquaintances you haven’t spoken to in months. Your call or message may very well be the sole form of communication they are yet to receive. So you never truly know the significance your humble act of interaction has on the other party. Especially on those who live alone. And let us not forget that an important part of the population are fairly illiterate when it comes to technology. So don’t forgot to call your older relatives or neighbours. And speaking of neighbours, be mindful of those living around you. We’re all facing the same pandemic and hopefully most of them are staying at home too. While this is an ideal time to spring clean and start projects around the home, just remember to be mindful of those in your neighbourhood. Avoid using power tools or making excessive noise early in the morning or late at night. No one likes being rudely awakened in the mornings and for some they’re still off to work. So recognise the need to be considerate and respectful during these times.

For those who are fortunate enough to stay at home or work from home, it’s important to keep moving. It’s effortless to remain for extended periods in the comfort of our couch. Movement is essential for both mental and physical health. There are a number of fitness apps, with some offering free virtual workouts during the COVID-19 pandemic. You could even take up yoga which is perfect for stretching out and staying healthy in both body and mind. But if working out isn’t your thing Taskmaster has been dishing out daily tasks with their #hometasking assignments. This is an excellent and unconventional way to get you moving both mentally and physically. TikTok also have a range of challenges underway so feel free to join in. If you’re looking for a little culture or for something to inspire, try learning a new language free with the Duolingo app. There are also a number of virtual tours of some of the worlds best museums available online.

Boarding pass and overpacked suitcase not required.


If you are lucky to be working from home, it doesn’t necessarily equate to a wardrobe of sweats or pyjamas until late afternoon. There may be no rules at home but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have fun in dressing up during this time. Sometimes switching up your ensemble while staying at home can have a symbolic impact on your mental health and motivation levels. But best of all help break up those days that began to feel monotonous. You could go all out in your favourite pantsuit or break in a new pair of high heels. This is also a fitting opportunity to get more wear out of certain pieces that perhaps haven’t seen the light of day in weeks. Personally I like to fuse my loungewear with something a little more daring. Like pairing basic black leggings and slides with a chic black bralette a white shirt. For me that slight contrast and touch of lace peeking through can leave you feeling all kinds of empowered.

What else have you been undertaking during this time? Remember, if you are one of the fortunate few who have the privilege to work or remain at home, then please do those of us who are exempt from such luxuries a favour and remain staying at home.

Stay safe out there,



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