things you can do to make moving home easier

We all know that if you want to torture yourself, the best way to do this is to agree to move home. It seems that it matters not what you do, moving house is extremely painful, and one of the most stressful things you will do. It may sound crazy, but nowadays the average person moves house 8.2 times in their life when we take into account how insane it drives us, we must all truly be suckers for punishment deep down. Taking all of this into account, we are generally left questioning ourselves and asking why the hell do we choose to move house when it’s far easier and less stressful just to stay put. Well, it seems that one of the most popular reasons is that we simply need more space and this is closely followed by moving house to get a better job.

When we look at things like this, we can see that sometimes, we are just going to need to suck it up and deal with whatever the move throws at us—saying that, today we are going to be presenting you with a few things that may be able to reduce the stress and pain and make moving home easier. We are not saying that the move will be trouble-free, what we are saying is that if you pay a little attention to the steps we provide you with, you may just reduce your stress and enjoy certain parts of your move more than you expect.

make moving home easier


If you are a lover of lists and organising every task that comes your way, then moving house is a prime opportunity to take out your best pen and lined paper and create the list of all lists, right?

Well, no. If fact, the biggest mistake everybody makes when it comes to moving is that they plan everything down to the finest of details, and this is always where things go wrong. Of course, we know that there are certain parts of the move, like van rental that you have to plan, but when it comes to putting timings on things, you will always end up stressed. The best piece of advice we can give is to scrap any plan you may have and just roll with the punches. The more you accept that things will go awry, the more you make moving home easier.


Now, while you may be getting excited, don’t. When we say arrange a party, we mean a moving party. If you want to reduce the stress from moving, get hold of some people that you can tolerate under stressful conditions and ask them to help you with moving. Of course, you don’t need to ask them to do things for free, more often than not telling people that there will be unlimited pizza and beer is the best way to get anybody to agree to help you unpack a few boxes.

As you can see, there are a few simple things you can do to remove moving stress. We are sure if you keep looking you will find a lot more than this, and you may even find that moving house can be an exciting and enjoyable time, who knows.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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