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This week has been incredibly trying. Not that coronavirus was something I ever underestimated, but in these past few days I’ve felt myself succumbing to anxiety over a very real fear of contracting this while at work. And despite my job being cut down to two half days, those days I had to step outside, the fear of the unknown consumed me. Being someone who travels around town visiting stores and supermarkets for work, the fear is very much real. Especially given the trepidation of wandering through those supermarket floors, striving to dodge inconsiderate shoppers left, right and centre. All this started on Monday, where my anxiety truly peaked and I found myself breaking down in my car twice between stores.

So what is the point in sharing this you may ask.

Because I can’t imagine just how terrified those working in the front lines must be feeling. Though this tweet by a doctor gives you some understanding. For me my primary worry is of the unknown. That there is (hopefully) a very small possibility or chance that someone has been or is in the store and unknowingly infecting people. But those fighting away in our hospitals have a clear understanding that they are in constant danger. They don’t have the luxury of chance nor the privilege to stay home. They are literally putting their own health and safety in peril to save lives. Unless you are in their shoes, we will never truly fathom how brutal such a pandemic is having on them and their families.

So for the love of God please just stay at home. It may feel suffocating and stale but think of those who don’t get that choice or luxury. Take into consideration those who have to work away from their homes; especially those battling and risking their lives day in and out. I can’t begin to describe my own utter revulsion against some humans this week. On Monday when I worked, I had never before seen so many people outside exercising. My thoughts mirroring that Italian mayor, “how come everyone has turned into a running enthusiast now?”. And Wednesday was much the same. Except there were far more people lounging about at parks. Some shamelessly drinking a take away coffee and some frolicking in the grass with a book. Do it at home for f*** sake. It is such a slap in the face to those of us who have no choice but to be outdoors during this pandemic. Unpopular opinion but you want some sunshine? Go to your backyard or front yard or sit on your small balcony. It is better than nothing given such extreme circumstances. We need to slow the spread so stop being so damn selfish. You are putting the lives of others at risk. On my last post, Pablo from Hey Fungi left another superb case for staying at home. He essentially noted how this is the time to start that something you never had time for. That could be something you’ve always wanted to learn like another language or attempting those fitness goals. If you have the luxury of staying at home or working from home then understand your fortune. This is the time to learn some new skills or take the opportunity to create stronger bonds with your family or fellow isolation companions. In an interview, Ryan Tedder spoke how parents finally had the opportunity to give their undivided attention to their children. To bond and play board games or go camping in your backyard. To make this a time for when they look back and remember the coronavirus pandemic, they’ll recall all the fun times they had with their parents.

This is a time for making memories. So whatever you do, please do it inside the confines of your home. Because in such extreme times, there is no excuse. And if some harsh words above don’t quite convince, I’ll leave you with these wise words from an Italian mayor,

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