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comfortable bralette

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1. Triangle bralette by SKIMS
2. Triangle convertible bralette by True Body
3. Crystal embellished bralette by Versace
4. Eda cashemere knit bralette by Khaite 
5. Cashmere knit bralette by Kikki De Montparnasse
6. Cotton bralette by Dolce & Gabbana

There are a number of memes and blog posts making the rounds highlighting the small pleasures of working or simply staying at home right now. The kind that celebrate working from the couch in pyjamas or for females not necessarily bothering with wearing a bra. Traditionally when we think of staying at home or when pondering on appropriate sartorial comforts, loungewear is seemingly the first in our train of thoughts. Pieces like relaxed sweaters and fabrics like cashmere, terry or jersey almost always comes to mind. Surprisingly we rarely associate such comforts with humble undergarments; like a comfortable bralette, bandeau or bottoms. And yet this is seemingly the predominant basis and starting point for most of us when we clothe ourselves. Currently there is an immense emphasis on at home comforts. And not merely in pointing out the copious ways for one to pass the time, but also a focus on relaxed clothing and miscellaneous items like comical mugs or homewares. Because of this, one can not help but be carried away solely focusing on clothing and creature comforts. Yet one thing I’ve found lacking online is any attention towards agreeable underwear or comfortable bralettes. Especially considering how most of us are indeed indulging lounging about in sweat pants or having late afternoon pyjama parties with our children or furry friends.

In particular for females, I feel like we shouldn’t just gloss over and dismiss investing in comfortable bralettes and underwear. Especially if you’re one of the lucky few who are working from home. A bralette is ideal for those days when you don’t feel like wearing a traditional bra yet want support, comfort and maybe a little discretion during your zoom meetings. That said, don’t let the word fool you into thinking a comfortable bralette is a simple piece. Granted some styles can indeed be on the muted side, there are however a lot of stylish designs featuring effeminate lace or fine embellishment detail. Essentially a comfortable bralette can match those feminine frivolities one comes to expect from a wire bra – all minus the discomfort some are known to give.

I’ve had a personal affinity with bralettes for years now. For me I’ve always viewed them with sartorial eyes; as a piece I didn’t naturally want to remain hidden. That stylish simplicity or lacy something for that je ne sais quoi is undeniable when styled with sheer clothing like a shirt. Or if you’re staying at home then a fine knit sweater or tank top for some contrast. And yet despite being regarded more on the casual side than for practicality, a comfortable bralette is indeed practical. And with the right design they can be supportive too. Regardless of bust size, there are a number of different styles to cater for all sizes. And whichever your preference – both on the embellished or bare side. A comfortable bralette can bring out your inner badass with pieces exaggerated with oversized logo details like these by Tommy Hilfiger for example. Or on cooler days when you’re yearning for solace by the fire, a luxurious cashmere bralette is the perfect companion piece. When it comes to knowing what shape is right for you, as a general rule, triangle shaped bralettes are seemingly more ideal for smaller chests, while someone with a larger size would look for styles that offer more coverage like this scoop neck bra from SKIMS. Or for something slightly more flirty this lace racerback bralette by True Body. For me, I prefer to keep a good mix of both basic and enhanced styles on hand. Depending on my mood or a feeling I am trying to evoke, I’ll have a comfortable bralette to compliment my disposition. That said I do have a preference for anything black or with lace details. How about you, what are you partial towards?

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