5 kitchen design trends for 2020

kitchen design trends for 2020
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A beautiful kitchen can add value to your property and enrich your lifestyle. Kitchen renovations can be expensive, but well worth while for all the benefits. Each year the interior design world offers us some tasty new trends, and 2020 is no exception. Here are five kitchen design trends for 2020 to invest towards.


Clever storage solutions are a real must-have for the kitchen. Clever kitchen storage involves making most of space and keeping items hidden, for an aesthetically pleasing look. This year, we’re seeing lots of tall cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling. With that little bit more storage, the result is a neater kitchen with clear surfaces. Inbuilt appliances are also very popular this year, for instance inbuilt coffee machines or ice dispensers. Too many separate appliances can leave your surfaces feeling cluttered which is why inbuilt is the way to go.


Last year plain white kitchens dominated the design scene, but kitchen design trends for 2020 means we will be seeing bolder colours. Some of the most popular colours for kitchens this year include green, blue and yellow. Cabinets in forest green create a look that’s both earthy and elegant. If you’ve been missing a bit of colour in your life, now’s your chance to give your kitchen a bold makeover. If you’re not keen to paint in bold colours, simply try a few bright accessories.


We all love an island in the kitchen, for preparing food, or relaxing with a glass of wine. Islands for dining have chairs all the way around, providing the perfect space for family meals or entertaining guests. Double islands are also trending, but of course this kind of design requires lots of space.


Bring on the eye-catching patterns, whether it’s hexagons or scallops, there are plenty of interesting floor designs to choose from. Remember, if you’re going bold with your floor, stick to plain cabinets. An overload of patterns only makes a room appear smaller. The same can be said for your colour schemes. It’s best to mix bold and neutral shades together.


Designing an eco-friendly home is a top priority for many people. There are plenty of ways that you can do this in your kitchen. First off, when you are choosing your kitchen appliances, look for those which save energy and water. Secondly, when you are shopping for your materials, choose earth-friendly fabrics like bamboo, soy cashmere, or jute. Decorate using plants and use natural light as much as possible. Sliding glass doors are perfect to make the most of natural light. It’s helpful to use retractable fly screens to keep pests out. If you have a garden, try collecting your food waste and use it to make compost. To speed up the process, you could try an electric composter for your kitchen.

Before you start purchasing new items, it’s useful to create a plan. Consider your budget, colour schemes, primary ideas and main goals. To help you out, apps like Planner 5D can be useful to visualize your ideas.



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