9 ways to make an old home look more modern

make an old home look more modern
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There’s nothing wrong with living in a traditional house. Older homes have character and history and are built with craftsmanship that is designed to last. But if you live in such a house and crave the clean, shiny look of modern architecture, there are steps you can take to give your traditional home an update.

From the outside, an old house can look majestic and stately, while the inside can sometimes give way to more of a haunted house feel. Yet with the right renovations and decorations, you can have the best of both worlds. Here is a quick and easy guide to making your traditional home look and feel more like a modern one.


Old homes are typically harder to clean. They are full of nooks and crannies where dust can accumulate and fewer smooth wipe-down surfaces. Begin the modernization process by having a deep clean of your entire house, including a declutter to throw any old and outdated items.


Nothing makes a house look more ancient than cracked, peeling wallpaper. Wallpaper has not been in style for a long time and may be harbouring mould and grime underneath. Purchase or hire a wallpaper steamer to strip your walls bare before the next step.


White is very much on-trend right now when it comes to interior design, and it also acts as a blank slate for you to add more modern installations and artwork. By painting the walls, ceilings, and trim completely white, you can hide any imperfections and make your home look brand new.


If your home is carpeted, you probably haven’t noticed how lifeless the carpet has become in the years since it was installed. Having it replaced with a brand new soft, shaggy furnishing will revitalize every room of the house. If your home has wooden floors, recreate this effect by adding some attractive, modern rugs.


Older electrical outlets always seem to look dated, and the paint may also be cracked and chipped. Replacing your outlets with more current models is an inexpensive way to make a huge difference. Consider hiring an electrician such as smillieelectrical.com.au to do this for you.


You probably don’t pay much attention to fixtures like door handles, taps, and light brackets, but many old homes have very old-fashioned models. By upgrading all of these, you will impart a subtle yet effective change throughout your entire home.


If your home has old chipped cabinets and doors, it’s time to replace or paint them. Use bright, bold colors to stand out against your white painted walls and make them pop.


Old houses are notorious for being dark and gloomy, but by adding more illumination, you can turn your home into a more positive space. Replace your bulbs with brighter, cleaner light and consider adding lamps to darker areas of your home.


The style of your home’s artwork can influence how modern it comes across. Country landscapes and portraits of long-dead people will give off that typical stately home vibe, whereas modern, abstract art will convey a contemporary feel.

Do you have any more tips for sprucing up an older home? Share your ideas in the comments!



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