4 tips to consider when renovating your new home

renovating your new home
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Renovating your new home can be a big task and can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are a lot of different areas to consider, so where do you start?


Painting and wallpapering walls can transform a home at a relatively low price so this is something to consider when renovating your new home. This task can also be completed to a good standard DIY if you don’t wish to hire a painter and decorator to keep the costs low. There are a wide range of paint colours and wallpaper patterns and deciding which colour can be difficult. A good tip is to look at what furniture and flooring you’re having in the room and pick a colour or pattern that will match.


Next up, flooring. There is a range of flooring available for any type of budget. Firstly, carpet. Carpet is produced in a lot of colours, patterns and thickness and can be bought at a budget price if necessary. Hiring a carpet fitter is recommended, check out carpet fitting cost to get a better idea of prices. If you want the ‘wow’ factor, wooden flooring is the ideal option, although it can get pricy. Laminate flooring is a cheaper option, and many types of laminate look so close to real wood, people won’t be able to tell the difference. If you’re adding flooring into a bathroom or kitchen, make sure it’s water resistant.


Lighting can change a room’s atmosphere, which also makes this a vital point when renovating your new home. Depending on what you’re going for, in areas such as the kitchen, bright lighting has to be used so you can see what you’re doing when cooking and preparing food. Downlighting or spotlights are best for illuminating spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. Pendant lights are hugely popular at the moment, and many people have them over their kitchen islands or dining tables.

Changing your walls, flooring and lighting can be small changes that transform your home into something unique and special.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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