don’t let life hurdles hold you back

When it comes to life we all know about life hurdles and things that can happen when we least expect them. You only have to look at the last few months with the COVID-19 outbreak to see how things can change when it comes to life. Lockdown and staying home, losing jobs and health threatened, it is a lot to take in. But there are common incidents that we can all face in life and often we need some direction and advice to get through them. 

You know the type of life hurdles that can stop you in your tracks. Something that happens when you weren’t thinking straight, an incident that isn’t your fault, or generally hitting a hiccup in life that you need to overcome. So what do you do? With that in mind, here are some of the common life hurdles we can all face at some stage in our lives and a few tips to help you overcome them so you can move on in life on top.     

life hurdles
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When it comes to relationships we can all find that we can end up in one that doesn’t suit us anymore. It starts out fine and then you end up arguing, or things head down a rocky road. It happens. A toxic relationship is no good for anyone involved and if things end on a bad note, don’t let it be the thing that holds you back. Instead take from it the experience that you can and learn from any mistakes that you have made. It can give you greater insight into life and relationships in the future. 


There is also that time in your life where you end up getting involved with someone that you perhaps shouldn’t have done. This can mean that you can end up in a situation where you have to think about protecting yourself and anyone you are involved with in the future with consulting doctors and health professionals for check ups and taking chlamydia treatment if needed. We can all make mistakes, and on nights out alcohol can influence our judgement. Having some fun is not the end of the world, but try and ensure you look after yourself. 


You know the score, you can be driving on a road minding your own business and then suddenly someone hits you. Or you could be walking into work only to slip on some residue on the floor and it not be signposted. These things happen everyday and when you are involved in the accident, be it your fault or not, it can be deliberating. You can end up not being able to work, losing income and suffer with an injury for some time. You may want to seek the help of experts and law professionals to seek some justice but it can be something that you manage to get through. 


Nobody wants to be in a situation when it comes to your finances and things start to spiral out of control. Your finances control much of what you do, and so if you are struggling to pay bills or find yourself getting into more debt it can feel like a problem that isn’t going to go away. The best advice would be to avoid burying your head in the sand. Get a budget, work out what you can do and do what you can to increase your income by reducing your bills or making some extra money. Your finances can be in your control. 


Your mental health is vital, and so you should do what you can to look after yourself. Your mindset is important and so if you find that you are not feeling your best, anxious or even depressed then it is time to make some changes in your life. Positive thinking is important, and taking steps to look after yourself mentally is a great move. If you need help with anxiety or depression then ensure you speak to health professionals to find the best solution. 


Finally, your career can often be one of the biggest things you decide upon in your life and yet not all of us are lucky enough to be doing something that we enjoy or feel passionate about. If you feel like your career has been far from a bed of roses then it may be time to make some changes and take actionable steps to make improvements. 

Let’s hope highlighting these things will help you to overcome life hurdles and come back on top. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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