is your style missing that unique individuality?

There’s nothing wrong with building upon the successes of what we’ve learned, emulating and incorporating trends that have come and gone to build a style that’s both ours and part of the greater fashion culture. However, we all like to stand out, make our mark, and express ourselves. If you feel like your style is a little cookie-cutter, what can you do to make it a little more you? So, is your style missing that unique individuality? Here are a few tips to add a unique spark to your sense of style.

is your style missing that unique individuality?
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Dressing in a way that suits you only makes sense, but you can go much further than simply dressing to your body type. By finding your natural clothing palette, you can really lean into what makes you naturally beautiful. This involves incorporating more choices that match the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin to create outfits that really radiate not just because they’re a great choice of clothes, but because they heighten what is unique and beautiful about you as a person, as well. It is incredibly affirming to look in the mirror and see an outfit that lifts you up, rather than simply being placed “over” you.


Is your style missing that unique individuality? Accessories are a great way to elevate any outfit and to adapt them to better suit your style. However, some people really commit to their accessories, to give their outfits a consistency and a throughline. A signature accessory, be it a great watch, a good hat, a bag that’s particularly well suited to your style or otherwise, can help you put your stamp on a range of outfits. It’s best to make sure you choose an accessory that has that versatility built-in, too.


Simply put, you’re not going to find a unique style in any of those big chain or brand stores. Even premium fashion labels make it hard to stand out due to the sheer amount of copying that comes from them. Rather, you should take the time to search through boutiques and smaller stores, finding unique clothing and handmade jewellery that you can be much more assured fewer people will be wearing. There are fewer things more satisfying than hearing someone ask “where did you get that?” and knowing they mean it.


Anyone who has been paying attention to the minimalist craze going on in home decor will have heard the term “spark joy.” You should only keep things that spark joy and throw out the rest is the rule, and it should apply to your wardrobe as well. If you find yourself experiencing more difficulty in picking an outfit that you’re truly happy with, then it is time for a wardrobe audit. Slim down your wardrobe then take your time to go through the deals and thrift store finds to rejuvenate your selection.

You don’t necessarily need to find a unique look to feel good about what you wear. However, it can be empowering to know you’re rocking a look that, even in little ways, better reflects you than others.



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Guest - Daring Coco

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