planning the perfect post pandemic date night

The Coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone, and the lockdowns that have gone alongside it have been particularly tough on relationships of all sorts. We are not used to spending so much time in the company of the same person, day in, day out. And without the freedom to go out and do whatever we want, whenever we want. Throw in financial concerns that people have from not working, and well, relationships have truly been put to the test.

Now that things are gradually starting to ease, and that we are getting more and more of our freedoms back, it is time to start looking at ways to rebuild relationships and fix any cracks that may have begun to appear. Here, we look at some perfect post pandemic date night options to help get your relationship back on track. None of them complicated, none of them cost a lot of money, but they will all help you to reconnect with your partner in a post-COVID world.

post pandemic date night
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Maybe your local restaurant is not open, or perhaps you still do not feel comfortable being out and about in public with too many people around you. That does not mean that you cannot have a restaurant-style experience in the comfort of your own home for a post pandemic date night.

To make it special, cook something that you would not ordinarily cook at home. Look online and see if there are any specialist or exotic ingredients you can experiment with –  cook with a European delicacy or try your hand at making the famous Japanese sushi, perhaps?

Make the effort to dress up a little, lay the table nicely, and use your best dishes and cutlery and glasses, with some soft, atmospheric music and candles. A little bit of romance can go a very long way!


Is there is a beach or pool near to you where at night you can swim? Go a little crazy and go for a moonlit swim. Take a ball or a frisbee with you and pack plenty of warm towels and blankets to wrap up in while you wait to get dry.


If moonlight swims are not your thing, why not have a picnic under the light of the moon? Pack up some cozy blankets, some of your favourite luxury foods, and the all-important bottle of champagne. Head to your favourite spot and enjoy the romance of the great outdoors. You could even make a night of it – take the tent and sleeping bags with you! Sometimes, you just need to be in a different environment for things to get back on track. 

Maintaining a relationship can be hard at the best of times, but in the current situation that we find ourselves in, it can feel even more so. However, a bit of creativity, spontaneity, and thinking outside of the box will go a long way toward getting the spark back.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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