getting cosy at home

Is there anything better than coming in after a long, hard day and cosying up at home, especially when it’s cold and dark outdoors? There’s something very comforting about putting your pyjamas and slippers on and cuddling up under a blanket on the sofa with a hot chocolate and your latest binge-watch. But it can be hard to do if your home doesn’t lend itself to comfort and cosiness. Some homes just feel cold and uninviting, and even if you’ve lived there for years and made it your own, it can be hard to achieve that lovely feeling. Below are some tips to help make getting cosy at home much easier. 

getting cosy at home
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Whatever the weather is like, it’s hard to get cosy and feel comfortable and safe, if your home is cold. Invest in heater repair if you need it, and spend some time repairing windows and doors and their seals. Other ways to keep warm include hanging heavy curtains and closing them when the sun goes down and wrapping up in comfy clothes. 


Light colours are great when it comes to making your rooms feel more substantial, lighter, and brighter, which can be advantageous. But, in particularly large rooms, too much light, and especially white, can make rooms feel a little too open. 

Keep your main walls light, by all means, but to create a cosier space, you might want to consider adding deeper colours, such as dark blues, purples, and reds, to your textiles and accessories. 

getting cosy at home
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Texture is a key ingredient in creating a warming and cosy house. Add thick throws and blankets to your chairs, hang heavy curtains, and utilise different textures such as wool, velvet, and satin to increase depth. 


Adding a blanket to the back of your sofa and chairs gives you an easy way to get cosy when you sit down to rest after a long day. Other small comforts like cushions, candles, useful side tables, pouffes, and footstools give you extra options and comforts. Having these things in place can make a room automatically look warmer, more inviting, and more comfortable, even if you don’t use them. 


Bright overhead lights are perfect for when you are busy, you have work to do, or you want to practice your hobby. But they aren’t that good when you want to cosy up with a film or a good book. Give yourself softer options with candles, lamps, and lanterns.


Keeping your slippers by your door helps you to relax as soon as you get in after work. They also make walking through your home softer and more pleasant. Adding soft rugs to wooden floors, thick carpets, and underfoot heating for the same effects. 


Fill your home with memories and things that make you smile. Hang photographs and artwork that brings back happy memories, and you’ll find it easier to relax when you are at home. 

A cosy home is welcoming and inviting. It can help you to feel safe and at peace and is typically fairly easy to achieve. 



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