how to maintain your kitchen; the heart of your home

how to maintain your kitchen
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The kitchen is officially the heart of the home. It’s a multi-faceted room that you most likely visit more than any other room in the house, so understanding how to maintain your kitchen is something you should know how to do properly.  

From coffee chats with neighbours at the breakfast bar, evening meals together with the family, or working from home at the dining table. It’s become a social, work, cooking, and washing hub. Which means it also gets a lot of use. Daily, people are traipsing across their shoes across the floors, using the surfaces to whip up culinary delights, washing their clothes and so forth. And so keeping it maintained takes a bit of effort. 

For a few tips on how to maintain the heart of your home, here are a few ways you can avoid costly repairs, and keep the interior looking as pleasant as the day you finished decorating it. 


The white goods in the kitchen are often forgotten about. We tend to expect they’ll work forever. And so, when they break, it’s usually a shock to find water leaking from the dishwasher onto the floor. 

To maintain appliances in the kitchen, there are a few things you can do. The first is to clean them regularly, to prevent bacteria build-up. And particularly limescale building up in the washing machine. You can use natural cleaning solutions such as baking soda and white vinegar to get rid of odours, scum and limescale.

While cleaning your white goods, be sure to check whether there are any problems you can see, such as a leak, or broken seal that needs repairing. Or components from the appliance that are missing. 

Familiarising yourself with issues that can occur is also helpful to spot an issue early. For example, common fridge problems usually include; water leaking inside and outside the fridge. Knowing this will enable you to detect problems with your refrigerator early. 


Cleaning the kitchen surfaces should occur following any spills. And a full wipe of the surfaces should happen at least once a day. However, be mindful of the products you’re using. Abrasive sponges, or bleach, can cause the surface’s protective layer to erode and wear down over time. 

The best solution is to use warm soapy water to loosen any food stains, eliminate bacteria and keep the surfaces looking pristine. You can remove any soap residue by spritzing white vinegar over the surface, and then drying with kitchen paper towels. If you have marble surfaces, you may want to use a microfibre cloth to get rid of any wet patches and water drops.


Disposing of old food from cupboards should be a priority when understanding how to maintain your kitchen. And cleaning cupboards thoroughly with anti-bacterial solutions will help to maintain a clean storage solution for your food. 

But it’s important not to forget, the outside of the cabinets need cleaning too. Stick fingerprints and food splodges are a magnet for bacteria. And can tarnish the look of your kitchen. Wipe with a warm soapy solution, and buff off with a tea towel, to bring a shine back to the kitchen cupboards.

Maintaining the heart of your home will help you to keep a clean and inviting space for you and your family and friends to sit in, socialise and eat together. While also enabling you to avoid costly repairs, associated with neglected appliances.


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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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