creating a home that’s good for your health

creating a home that's good for your health
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Nowadays, increasing numbers of us are becoming increasingly concerned for our own health and wellbeing. And creating a home that’s good for your health is fast becoming a top priority for most. Scientific and medical research is highlighting countless areas in our lives that pose a threat to our wellbeing. And countless areas we can improve upon to lead better lives. But where can you start? Well, why not the space where you spend most of your time? The space you probably consider a safe haven? Your home! Here are just a couple of different things you can try out to creating a home that’s good for your health and a living space that really is much better for your overall well being.


Natural light has a bigger impact on our bodies than most of us realise. Put simply, natural light regulates your body’s circadian rhythms. When we’re exposed to light, we perk up and become alert for the day ahead. When natural light is blocked out, we begin to relax and wind down for a good night’s sleep. Natural light is essential for productivity and comfort. So, make sure you can regulate it in your own home. Make sure you have plenty of big windows to let light filter in. Then invest in awnings and shutters to limit light in your home when you need to nap or sleep.


Another important factor in any home is monitoring and improving air quality. Nowadays, increasing numbers of us are living in cities and inner cities, so we are exposed to more air pollution than ever. Sure, many places are encouraging green transport and are implementing green air zone charges on vehicle commuters, shipping transport and other forms of traffic, but there’s always going to be a limitation on how clean the air in these spaces can actually be. One area you do have more control over air quality, however, is your own home. There are a number of ways that you can improve air quality in your home. Some suggestions include:


  • Having plenty of houseplants – you may have heard plants referred to as “nature’s life support system”. This is because they draw in air and purify it. There are plenty of different types of houseplant out there, so you’re bound to match one into your living space. Just make sure any you choose are non toxic if you have pets or children.

  • Invest in salt lamps – salt lamps, popularly known as “Himalayan Salt Lamps”, are exactly as described – lamps made from salt. A bulb is placed inside the salt exterior, giving the lamp the practical function of providing light to a room. But the bulb also heats the sal, encouraging it to draw in water (containing bacteria) from the air surrounding the lamp!

  • Purchase an air purifier – of course, there are a number of air purifying systems on the market and it’s definitely worth having a look at them. Sure, they may be more expensive than the alternative options listed above, but they can make all the difference. Compare models to get the best deal within your budget.


There are more ways to prioritise your well being then eating healthily and exercising. Hopefully, some of the above advice will help your home benefit your health too!



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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