top 5 covid safety travel tips for 2020

5 covid safety travel tips
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Travel plans in a post-pandemic world feel a little different from usual. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on your holiday. The key is in planning a safe trip for you and your family. So for parents and individuals who are concerned about the health risks, we’ve composed 5 COVID safety travel tips can make the holiday safe without compromising on fun. 


Public transports such as trains or planes can get unpleasant at the moment. Most airports and stations have introduced safety regulations and health checks, which can be stressful for young children. If you want to avoid tantrums and tears, it’s a good idea to look for other transport solutions. Head to your local caravan storage park and retrieve the family camping van for a self-contained trip. Not a camping enthusiast? You can just as well organise a road trip with the family SUV. 


Camping parks may not be a suitable spot for a holiday. Health risks are much more difficult to contain in an open space. However, some camping locations are going above and beyond to guarantee the safety of their guests. The bottom line: When looking for family-friendly accommodation, make sure to familiarise yourself with the different safety and hygiene checks available in each place. Hotels may seem to be a safer bet at the moment as they are better equipped to sanitise public areas. 


Hopefully, this will be the only year we need to carry personal protection equipment and sanitising solutions! However, in the meantime, you could spare yourself a lot of hassle by keeping a bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag, wherever you go. Gloves are not a necessary addition to your daily outfit. But you want to make sure you have a mask for each member of the family – except for young children. Not every location requires visitors to wear a mask. You need to be ready in case they do.  


Google Maps is a hard-working tool that helps you plan a day out. Most businesses have changed their opening hours since the start of the pandemic. You can use Google Maps to keep track of when they are open for visits. Additionally, you can also use it to avoid crowds. Indeed, you can identify peak times to plan accordingly.  


Children like to explore the world through their hands. They rely on touch a lot, which can put them at risk. Most kids do it unconsciously and will carry on unless you talk to them about germ spreading. It’s not a fun talk to have. But once your little ones know how germans spread and where they live, they will be more careful. 

When it comes to COVID and travel, you really can’t afford to ignore safety measures and hopefully these 5 COVID safety travel tips have been food for thought. Keeping yourself and your family safe during your trips means being smart about your choice of location and activities to avoid crowded areas. Understandably, we all have a different stress threshold. Be mindful of your COVID-related anxiety. If you find that planning a family trip turns into an anxiogenic nightmare, travelling may not be a good idea for you and your family. Indeed, travelling should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all; otherwise, it is counterproductive. In the meantime, whether you’re staying at home or embarking on a journey, stay safe and healthy. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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