4 reasons why you should consider remodelling your home

remodelling your home
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Approximately a third of Australians renovate their properties every year. Home improvement and maintenance is therefore a significant concern for most people. Whether or not to remodel is a question that has long plagued homeowners. People assess various factors ranging from cost to age of the property before they evaluate their remodelling options.  There are always opportunities to improve your house irrespective of how old it is or how it looks. From addressing bugging problems to increasing its overall habitability, here are four reasons why you should consider remodelling your home.


People require safety and comfort at home. Any remodelling project undertaken should therefore improve the home’s functionality and comfort. There may arise a sudden need for more or less space – maybe you want an additional bathroom to cater for your growing family. Or perhaps you feel it’s time to get a patio to host outdoor events. Whatever the case may be, opt for remodelling to customize your property to your liking and convenience. Simply rearranging your home layouts can also make it easier to navigate and produces a much more improved and usable space. 


According to a survey, 17% of people remodelling their homes are doing so to sell them. It is a well-known fact that remodeling can significantly improve the sell-on value of your property. Improvements such as replacing windows, increasing your property’s light and space, adding a home office and bathroom and kitchen remodels can be a worthy investment when it is time to sell.  It would be best if you considered investing in the landscape as well. Experts say an excellent first impression of a property can increase its value by 5%. However, real estate experts advise that you should never improve a home well above the average for houses nearby. Buyers may be difficult to convince that your property is worth a lot more than those around.


Houses tend to degenerate over time. Roofs may begin to leak, pipes may burst more often, and wiring problems start to manifest. There is a strong link between such phenomena and a host of factors ranging from property’s age to a long history of lousy renovation works. A simple renovation may not suffice to cater to all these concerns, and, therefore, you will require extensive remodels of the property. Foundational cracks also threaten the safety of buildings by undermining their structural integrity. Try stabilizing processes like underpinning to give your house more robust support and prevent collapse. 


The influence of technology has not escaped the housing industry. More people are looking to incorporate technology into their homes to fit in with the times. Home automation has gained popularity in the Australian real estate world. Reviews predict that having services like smart lighting, automation security, and smart thermostats will be critical drivers that will determine whether your house qualifies as a smart home in the next five years. Try to stay trendy by integrating these intelligent systems into your home through remodelling. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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