five eco friendly beauty treatments

eco friendly beauty treatments
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We all love to look our best, but not at the expense of the environment. Unfortunately, so many of the beauty treatments we want to use are made from planet-destroying plastic and contaminating chemicals. Fortunately there are other options available. And these days there are more eco-friendly beauty products on the market than ever before, so here are five eco friendly beauty treatments you can treat yourself to with a clear conscience. 


Cleanliness and hand hygiene are more important than ever, but so is the need for eco-friendly alternatives that support the environment as well as your body. More and more women are moving away from acrylics, nail art, and gemstone manicures, and opting for clean manicures instead. But what are clean manicures and why are they the eco option?  

A clean manicure means using natural products to strengthen the nails and keep them shorter. If you’re not eco-conscious you might use products that contain harmful chemicals that damage the environment as well as your body. With a clean manicure, you can be sure the products used are eco-friendly and not wasteful. 


In recent times the market for lip tints has taken a nose-dive, but that’s mainly due to the new COVID necessity of mask-wearing. It’s predicted that moving into next year we will see a surge in lip tint treatments again. But are there eco friendly beauty treatments that are eco-friendly? 

The answer is yes! Some good organic lip tints and stains to try to include PureBIO Lip Tint, Fat and The Moon All Natural/Organic Lip and Cheek Stain, and Au Naturale Lip Stain. These are all excellent products and friendly to the environment. To tint your lips first apply a lip balm, then apply the lip tint. The balm will help the tint adhere to the lips.


Your teeth are the first thing that people see and if you want to make a good impression you will want to ensure they are shining white. This can make all the difference at work, at job interviews, in social situations, and in everyday life. Unfortunately keeping your teeth shining white is not always easy or environmentally friendly. 

Many factors contribute to teeth staining including ageing, smoking, tea, coffee, wine, and certain medications. There is whitening toothpaste on the market, but these are often unethical products that use plastic and test on animals. A better choice is to use a Teeth Whitening service, to remove stains and polish your teeth to a shining white finish – this way is also more eco-conscious. 


Trends come and go, then they come around again but with a difference. That’s very true of makeup which is expected to see a new cycle in 2021. The heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner that was popular in the early 2000s are coming back but this time without the heavy powder and foundation. Instead, fresh skin with eyeliner is set to trend. 

To achieve Fresh Skin, treat yourself with a natural exfoliate, one can be made using a mixture of sugar and olive oil. Sub and rinse with clean water then wash off the oily residue. Use an organic face wash to finish one such as OSEA Ocean Cleanser or True Botanicals Nourishing Cleanser that is eco friendly. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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