how to create an incredible indoor/outdoor space


how to create an incredible indoor/outdoor space
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A space in your home that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors is a wonderful addition. You could use it when the weather is fine, enjoying the outdoors as you have the space opened up. Many indoor/outdoor spaces also allow you to close them up, so you can still enjoy them and get a good view even when the weather might not be so great. If you’re thinking about how to make improvements to your home or how to create an incredible indoor/outdoor space; one that can be the perfect area to relax, then here are some ideas you could use to create such a space. 


When you’re designing an indoor/outdoor space, being able to open it up whenever you want is one of the things you should think about. If it’s a particularly nice day and you want to get some air flowing through or let in the sunlight, a flexible roof or covering is useful. You can look at opening roofs such as louvred roofs, which you can adjust anytime you want to. By opening up the blades or slats of your roof, or even retracting the roof, you can let in light or provide extra protection from rain by closing it up. An awning could also be an option to provide you with a flexible cover.


As well as a roof that you can move to your liking, you can also think about having walls, windows or doors that you can move out of the way. With retractable walls or bi-fold doors, you could open up your space immediately. Not only will this let in light and fresh air, but it also makes the space appear bigger. There are several different solutions to consider, from French or bi-fold doors all the way up to completely moveable walls that can be retracted.


Blurring the inside and outside of your home can make your space feel bigger and create a more coherent look. There are a few things that you could do to create a transition between indoors and outdoors. Using the same or similar flooring can help everything to look like one space and it will look especially good when you open the space out. Try bringing elements of the outdoors inside too. You could have some hanging plants in your indoor space, perhaps that match up with your plants outdoors.


To create an incredible indoor/outdoor space you should consider plenty of seating, as it is great to add to your indoor/outdoor space. You can turn it into a comfortable living space that you can enjoy in all weathers. You might choose to make it a dining space where you can sit down for food and drinks, or you could add some comfortable seating for relaxing and socializing, maybe around a fire pit or coffee table.


If you love the idea of hosting summer barbecues and outdoor gatherings, why not consider creating a dedicated barbecue area in your home’s garden? Not only will this provide a designated space for all of your grilling needs, but it can also add value to your home and create a fun and inviting outdoor space for you and your guests to enjoy. Check out the barbecue products from Weber if you’re thinking of doing that.



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