the interior design mistakes you’ve been making for too long

interior design mistakes you’ve been making
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You can argue that interior design is rather subjective. Because who’s to say what is and isn’t attractive? One person may love a very monochromatic interior, while someone else prefers to use splashes of different colours. These clashes and disagreements are normal, and neither style is necessarily ‘the best.’ A huge chunk of interior design comes down to your personal tastes and style choices. 

Nevertheless, there are a few golden rules of interior design that you shouldn’t break. As you make your way through this article, you’ll soon discover a whole host of interior design mistakes you’ve been making for far too long!


Are you struggling to choose between two different themes or styles for your living room? If so, it is the worst interior design mistakes you’ve been making by selecting both of them. Mixing styles/themes in the same room won’t work – it makes the whole interior feel disjointed. Instead, you should stick with an overall theme and colour palette for each room. Some people will have different styles in different rooms, but that’s totally fine.


Minimalism is definitely an interior design trend. Therefore, people argue that having loads of items in one room is a trend as well. In reality, it’s a recipe for disaster. There’s a difference between being a minimalist and just not having loads of clutter in your rooms. This takes up far too much space, it makes the room seem too ‘busy’, and it distracts from other design elements. Have a big clear-out of all the clutter to make your interiors look a lot better. Call up a skip bin hire company, dump all the extra items, then enjoy a neater room. I think that basically hits the nail on the head; messiness isn’t an interior design trend, so keep your rooms tidy. 


Last but not least, you have impractical flooring choices. As you should know, many options present themselves when choosing your flooring. Often, you’re guilty of picking one that looks good, rather than one that’s practical. For example, you choose a carpet in the kitchen. It might be an incredibly stylish design that matches the rest of the room, but it’s simply impractical. Carpet soaks up spills and is a pain to clean – it’s a terrible choice in the kitchen! Likewise, you may choose stone tiling in the bedroom. What on earth is the point in that? Bedrooms should be cosy and comfortable – not full of stone tiles. As good as something may look, you have to question the practicality before you choose it. 

There’s a lot for you to mull over and question in this article. Some of you are probably reeling at the realisation that you’ve made all three of these mistakes before. Don’t worry, the beauty of interior design is that it doesn’t stay fixed. You can always carry out home improvements to redesign your property and fix any interior design mistakes from the past.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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