4 excellent and easy ways to enhance your look

easy ways to enhance your look
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Most of the time, you cannot enhance your look by things you buy or wear only. Looking good definitely makes you feel good. Everyone wants to look at their best. The way you look can affect your personality.

The cosmetic and beauty industry accounts for 49.2 billion USD. This means people use millions of dollars to look. People go through plastic surgery, use herbal treatments and visit spas regularly to enhance their appearance. However there are other excellent and easy ways to enhance your look and boost your appearance. 


Your hair is the most prominent part, and it enhances your personality. It sets the tone of your look. The hairstyle will not make you gorgeous, but it adds to your natural beauty. If you’re dressed stunningly, but the hair doesn’t match your attire, then it ruins the entire look. A bad hairstyle makes you look lazy and with low self-esteem. So ensure you pick the right hairstyle to accentuate the shape of your face. People with good hairstyles feel confident and smarter. Even with a simple dress, a good hairstyle will make you appear glamorous.


Vegetables and fruits are, undoubtedly, crucial for our health. But you’ll realize they’re underrated beauty products. Beautiful skin starts from within. It’s a reflection of what goes into your body. Our bodies shed older cells frequently and get replaced with younger ones. A steady supply of vital nutrients supports rapid growth. Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients to make your skin blemish-free, soft and supple.

Veggies and fruits contain potent antioxidants that protect the skin from cellular damage. Sunlight, smoking, and pollution can cause age spots and wrinkling. Ensure you eat a rainbow of vegetables and colorful fruits. Eat more vitamin C, which has superior antioxidants needed for a strong immune system. The best vitamin C sources are sweet potatoes, broccoli, oranges, blueberries, guava, and kiwi fruits.


A smile should be your daily attire. Although you may not always beam, just put on a smile, even a fake one. Even fake smiles can increase happiness. Smiles enhance first impressions, minimize conflict and facilitate social connections.

However, dental issues such as colored teeth and the abnormal eruption of teeth make people hide their smiles. But you can revamp your smile with dentistry procedures like cosmetic gum contouring, dentures, and bonding.


Sleep deprivation can increase signs of ageing. It’s also associated with redder eyes, paler skin, fine lines or wrinkles, and hanging eyelids. Apart from affecting our looks, sleep can also affect our performance. You can have good sleep hygiene by sleeping at least six hours a day. More so, ensure you avoid large meals, sugar, and caffeine before bed. Get plenty of exercise, sleep in a dark room, and turn off technology.

Looks do matter in various situations. So your physical appearance can affect your personality, self-esteem, and confidence. But practice these four easy ways to enhance your look, and you should feel more confident and radiant, both on the inside and out. You’ll also thank yourself for doing it too. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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