6 hair products you need for curly hair

hair products you need for curly hair
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Every year, brands manage to churn out a bunch of new hair products to keep your curls looking soft and radiant. And this year is no different. We’ve seen some of the most innovative products yet, designed to give you the exact look that you want. Put simply, they’re incredible. So we’ve listed some hair products you need for dazzling curly hair.


Frizzy hair is the bane of curls. You want lustrous locks, but you wind up with a matted mess by the end of the evening. If only there was a way to firmly hold each strand in place?

Well, it turns out that there is. Brands are experimenting with alpha keratin-based formulas to keep curly styles in place, even if your hair is straw-like. 


You’ve heard of the importance of hyaluronic acid for hydrating your skin. But what about the hair? Is there an equivalent product? It turns out that there is. Several brands are now making dye free products that moisturise the scalp and encourage hair follicles to imbue strands with more moisture. 

At the moment, the perfect combination seems to be bran oil mixed with rice protein peptides. The combination nourishes hair fibers from root to tip. 


Amalaki is a herb used in ancient Indian medicine. But it is now finding its way into hair products. It turns out that the ingredient contains powerful factors that upregulate hair production. After using the product, people report higher rates of hair growth and fuller, thicker hair. The effects can be quite remarkable. You can take Amalaki orally. However, doing this will cause hairs to sprout all over your body. The alternative is to just use it as a hair mask and apply it to your roots only. If you use hair masks, be sure to massage them into your scalp so that the Amalaki comes into direct contact with the skin. 


This year, we are also witnessing the introduction of clever new water-based pomades. The idea here is to provide all the same slickness as an oil-based product and make it easy to wash out in the shower afterward. Water-based styling products use some clever technology to make them soluble. In that sense, they are genuinely cutting edge and a great addition to your current collection. 


Traditional blow-drying looks like it might become a thing of the past in 2021. Companies are experimenting with so-called drying bars that act a little bit like conventional hair dryers, but offer equal levels of drying action throughout the hair. They look a bit like tubular hair brushes but have an impeller and heating element in the handle which blow hot air onto all layers of your hair. This product will likely be a hit among people with frizzy hair. 


For some people, the conditioner isn’t enough. That’s why hair moisturisers are not only currently popular but is an essential hair products you need for dazzling curly hair. You apply these after washing your hair and simply allow them to soak into the hair and scalp, reducing breakages and flaking. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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