eco-friendly hacks for a greener home

hacks for a greener home
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If you are eager to do your little bit for the environment, there’s no better place to start than your humble abode. Your pad can be the ultimate place to reduce your carbon footprint, to save energy, and to become more economical. By making your home more energy efficient, you can actively help to save the planet and set an example for your kids. Being a responsible citizen means thinking on a global scale rather than being so insular. Take a look at these eco-friendly hacks to help your home become greener than ever.


One of the easiest things to adapt in your home is to swap your traditional thermostat for one that takes advantage of smart technologies. By utilizing smart home installation, you can have a thermostat that you can control from anywhere in the world as long as you have a WiFi connection and the relevant app. If you are at work but it is an unusually warm day, it doesn’t make sense that your heating will kick in automatically, wasting money and providing an uncomfortable furnace like environment when you walk through the door. Instead, you can control your heating and even your hot water. This energy efficient outlook saves you cash and helps to make your home more sustainable.


Heat escapes the inside of the home very easily. This means no matter how much your heating is on or how high your thermostat is, your home never feels toasty warm. Consider going around your house to check the fascias of your windows for potential drafts and your loft space for adequate insulation. By installing some energy efficient insulation, you can prevent heat from escaping through your roof. By keeping the heat within your four walls, you won’t need to have your heating on as much. In the summer, your air con unit also won’t need to be hoovering up your cash as your home will remain cooler rather than behaving like a greenhouse. By spending money to preserve heat, you will recoup this cash over the long term.


If you want to cut your heating bills while remaining sustainable, think about installing solar panels knot your roof. Harnessing the power of the sun may seem ultra sci-fi, but you could end up being totally odd grid. Rather than relying on utility companies to provide you with electricity, you can generate your own. Any excess electricity that you generate from your solar panels can be sold back to the grid. In effect, your efforts to be greener and more eco-friendly can actually end up making you a bit of extra cash. If solar panels aren’t suitable, you could look into mini wind turbines that utilize wind energy in the same way as heat and light. By relying on your own energy production, you become more mindful of how much you use and you become more aware of the effect the way you live affects the environment.

If you are keen to become greener and more sustainable, make sure that your humble abode utilizes these eco-friendly hacks for a greener home.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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